aow pbem game

Beats me! I’m not even sure what resurgence is.

If the unit dies but the stack wins the battle, the unit is brought back to life with 35% of their total hitpoints. Since the leader is sent to void, I’m not 100% whether it works in this case.

Yeah, no idea on that one.

Pretty uneventful turn for me. Cleared a couple of minor treasure sites, decided not to mess with a Mythic one, and continued expanding. Definitely feeling the gold pinch from maintenance costs.

Resurgence works in the leader iirc.

I think I won’t be able to beat @Thraeg to monoculture and definitely won’t be able to beat @Mysterio to multiculture, so congratz to both of them.

My empire mourns the loss of a champion orc shock trooper, who I lost to my twitchy finger. Instead of casting iron heart on him I did cast healing. He panicked and was ganged up upon by all enemy melee units. He probably was my tier 3 unit, hired from an inn. He served loyally and, up to this points, bravely. RIP.

Finally got to @legowarrior’s borders, but haven’t spotted the marauding Titan so far. One of my heroes ventured underground and encountered a bone dragon. She heroically retreated. I hope she won’t be attacked on the independents’ turn.

Spent the last penny on building roads. Some plans are still on pause, some are moving. Overall, the turn wasn’t that bad.

How many cities for monoculturalism again?

Oh, I finally got the fertility ritual. So that’s good.

It’s 8 cities for mono- / 5 different races for multi-culturalism.

Okay need a few more I guess.

Let me guess. 3 more?

Could be 3 more.

Have anyone played a game via I just discovered it.

Speaking of Monoculture, just reached it this turn. Cleared a couple more small sites, but nothing too impactful. Just encountered @legowarrior as well.

I haven’t.

Nothing important happened this turn. I’m clearing underground areas from marauders and their spawn sites. The terrifying bone dragon went somewhere on his business. Last turn, he was accompanied by another band of marauders. I dealt with them this turn and, hopefully, will be able to challenge the dragon once I’ll see him. Not eager, though.

A busy turn, but I feel that I achieved little. Somebody let penguins out, so now I have to put together response teams to deal with the upcoming roamers. Thanks, somebody! Met @Mysterio’s archon friends. Was more than a little surprised, considering how much flak he was giving me last time for my ally’s alignment. A new Titan stack killed one of my scouts, now my leader is moving closer in order to show them the errors of their ways. In other parts of the World, cleaning marauder spawn sites and making new friends.

I have switched over the Hunters, just so that I am prepared.

But the extra cash will be helpful.

Are you saying I’m a hypocrite for having the Archon dwelling as my vassal after giving you (a good Leader) flak for agreeing to an alliance with Thraeg (an evil Leader) in our previous game?

A pure evil Archon dwelling, nothing less. But no, I’m not calling you a hypocrite. Who am I to judge? As a wise man once said,

@legowarrior, your leader’s cape needs some cleaning asap. Otherwise, you’ll see your subjects’ morale drop.

Really, but was so nice and clean, last I checked.

Maybe if I bring over my of my uber Shaman, that will help.

I took out a bone dragon, a couple of bone collectors and a bunch of incorporeal units this turn. That was a fight that could have gone very badly but I managed it well and only lost a squad of swordsmen and a polar bear. I think I’m lagging behind big time but I’ve spent most of the game working out what to do! Having fun though now I’ve got a few things to aim for.