aow pbem game

All done. I wonder what is next.

Pinging @Thraeg.

I think it’s my turn

Is it? I haven’t had a turn in a bit.

I have time this afternoon.

I’ll check.

Yeah, it’s @Thraeg’s turn.

indeed it is!

I hope @Thraeg is okay and he didn’t have something happen to him. Like an accident. Hopefully he isnt sick.

Get well soon, if you are sick @Thraeg!

He kicked it over to you 5 hours ago. :-)

Did he? The person is such a trooper! Even on deaths doorstep, he still finds time to play!

You are awesome @Thraeg!

And I am done. But I accidently destroyed a fort that I didn’t need.

Turn played and sent.

2000 plus hours in and the game still surprises me. Independent stack knew they couldn’t win, but they did take down one of my precious archers. Bastards.

Highly promoted one, eh?

They’re all champions

Pinging @BloodyBattleBrain. You’re needed at the front desk.

Game received and played.

Not much to report.

Gold sure is tight in this game.

And now we have that event! That makes it extra tough.

Production galore!

Yes, but not extra gold!

Nope, no gold.


Turn played.

Things are getting…interesting.