aow pbem game

And done. I really need to learn more about this game.

Hah, me too!


I need to remember what I used to know about this game! I’ve been faffing around in my local area, manage to conquer one city but lost a hero in doing so.

Doing better than I am…

edit: Turn played. Progress!

Rolled up a couple of local gold mines and watchtowers, and accepted my first quest. Dunno if I’m strong enough to handle it, but I guess I’ll find out.

Got no where fast. But it’s cool.

Oh, did we turn off city building? I thought we did.

Also, how do you expand your domain to actually use the surrounding buildings?

I think BBB turned it on, didn’t he?

When a Town/Village/etc grows (via Population), its domain expands by a one hex radius. You can also build Outposts(?) that project your domain in order to claim the benefits of sites too far from your Towns/Villages/etc.

Stone walls and observatories and grand palaces also increase domain.

I think I left city settling on.

That is useful information.

Okay, this turn was a bit more successful, but obviously, I’m still in a rough position, and not poised to strike at anyone.

So my Leader was defeated due to a Halfling’s Lucky triggering (10% chance) on my counter-attack, which would have killed him, thereby preventing the little shit from delivering the killing blow. Thanks, RNG!


You doubt me!? How dare thee!

Man the game was just starting to get interesting. :o

Regarding the battle with Halflings that led to my Leader’s death, I noticed three of the four Halflings were able to attack my Leader at range on their first turn. All three of them hit with all of their attacks, including the chicken toss attack, which had only a 15% chance of hitting. So my Leader was down to 26 HPs (from 100% HPs) before I could do anything. The RNG really screwed me in that battle.

Halfings for the win!

But you’re not defeated just yet are you, just a temporary setback.

Yeah, although my research pauses while my Leader is partying in the Void.

The game has stalled, with the last turn taken 6 days ago. What’s the word, BBB?

I noticed that too. Hopefully everyone is doing okay.

Mea culpa.

I went to Tenerife for a short break. I didn’t expect the turn to arrive so quickly.

Turn played.

Halfing Farmers are…evil.