APB: MMO from Real Time Worlds (Crackdown)



IGN preview - http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/854/854140p1.html

Want want want!

This looks fantastic. When is it do out?

Impossible to meet my expectations hype confirmed… Loved Crackdown to death.


I’m desperately, desperately excited about this.

(I mean, it strikes me as an obvious one. No-one’s managed to get a more action based MMO to work? Well, no world class action game developer has /tried/.)


I loved Crackdown, also, and thought, until about 90 seconds ago, that APB was an expansion for it.

(Tangent: I used to work with, Tony Harman, one of the big knobs from Realtime Worlds. I speak ill of him in private.)

Kieron, there’s things out there that get kids with glasses on. (This Mike Harding moment bought to you by ‘Whatever Happened To Mike Harding’.)

Is this for the PC?

Anyone else a bit disappointed by APB’s modern-day setting? The biggest draw of Crackdown for me was its “near-future badass supercop” vibe. This looks like MMO GTA - and I’m utterly sick of GTA.

Off the top of your head name fifteen other MMOs with modern day settings.

Okay, okay. Name five.

Haha, just kidding, but seriously, name one.

I think it’s just fine.

I don’t give a shit what you’re sick of. If you’re actually “sick of it” in that you’ve played it too much, its your own fault for playing too many mediocre clones, if you’re sick of it and don’t play those games, why are you here anyway?

As much as I am hating on MMOs…

… this might actually be good.

I love me some Crackdown.

PC and 360.


Jones called grinding a broken gameplay concept and went on to explain why using World of Warcraft as an example of repetitive, thoughtless gaming. “It’s called a grind for a reason and we have to find a way around there,” says Jones as he pointed to Counterstrike as an example of an online game with infinite replayability and no repetition. The strength comes from human interaction and having a unique experience every time.

To an extent I see the point, but on the other hand that comparison really makes me cringe. In the context of a world like Crackdown, I can dig it. In the context of static BSP in a derivative Quake engine, I disagree entirely.

It seems that the crux of this game is really going to be in the dynamic matchmaking and APB call system, and how greatly these supposed “clans” can have influence in the game world itself. If you can set up your gang like one of the crime bosses in Crackdown with your own base and goonsquads that would be ridiculous.

The idea of customization has me pretty much sold though, especially with is remarks to the content in Second Life. Forza style tools in an MMO world? Yes please, thank you.

I just read on their site they are using UE3, that’s pretty damn amazing. Is there going to be a sub for this then or what?

I seriously hope they deliver a game as good as they think they’re going to, but it seems too ‘blue-sky’ dreamy to be able to come out well.

Counter-strike? Seriously?


Replace CS with the shooter of your choice. He’s got a point.

I’ve said for a long time that what keeps people coming back to WoW is the social aspect, not the grind.

This looks all kinds of rad.

Yes, the concept seems like it plays more like an action game than a traditional MMORPG like WoW.
So it could be actually fun.

It was something i thought time ago and it’s my main issue with lots of MMO and Diablo clones. If you are going to make a game where you repeat the same thing, killing thousands of enemies to get xp and loot, you could try to make that repeatable action much better, instead of clicking a monster again and again and pressing the hotkeys of health potion and your main rechargable skill.

While I liked getting bigger, stronger and more agile in Crackdown, I really like the idea of “no progression” in APB. The whole “levelling up” thing has kept me from playing a lot of games if I couldn’t be in on them from Day 1 and grind so that I could keep up and not get my ass handed to me. CoD4 comes to mind.

This might be my first MMO.

I think one main area of concern would be that this seems like it really needs to maintain a decent number of active players to stay lively if everything truly is the result of dynamic matchmaking. If the population dips too far, the matchmaking runs the risk of getting more and more unbalanced, which tends to a population death spiral as new players get turned off because of that.

Did the Matrix Online count? :-/

I take your point, but I’m just not interested in real-world cops `n gangsters anymore. It’s an oeuvre that’s been overdone, IMHO, the same way other people are sick of WW2 or elves and skip great games like Company of Heroes or World of Warcraft. The setting is a huge turnoff for me; just curious if anyone else feels the same way.

Whereas if this had been MMO Crackdown, with hundreds of superpowered cyborgs leaping 50 feet in the air and hurling Buicks at each other? That would be awesome.

That reminds me…
[indent]Dear Cryptic,

Please make Champions Online about hundreds of superpowered people leaping 50 feet in the air and hurling Buicks at each other.


Well, in that case, I’m sure you don’t give a shit that I don’t give a shit that you don’t give a shit about what I’m sick of.

Glad we got that out of the way, though.