APC Not too bad. Tip for NEW BOMBERS - BF1942

Hey, first off. Bombers, there is a mini-map in the upper right hand corner. If something you see on the ground has an arrow or a tank/apc/jeep mark that matches your team, DONT BOMB IT! That’s right, this map will accurately tell you which people are on your team and which are not. KNOW IT!

As for the APC bit. A lot of people say blah blah APC is bad if you solo with it, but as a sniping engineer I found its instant cover extremely useful. Not to say I didnt try to pick people up, as most refused for jeeps n such, but I just trucked around in the APC, pulled up so the passenger side faced the fire, and then jumped out to start firing mid-range snipe shots with my super powerful fun engineer rifle.

The APC passenger seats are handy for healing and rearming while on the move. It’s like a mobile base. The mounted machine gun is also good for shooting down enemy planes. Unfortunately, while it does a little of everything, it does no one thing well. It lacks the firepower and armor of the tank, and is much slower than the jeep.

Speaking of underused vehicles, I have yet to see any use for the landing boats other than ship-to-shore transport. They would be much more useful if the mounted gun could swivel 360 degrees. That and if they didn’t run aground so easily.

  • Alan “Itsatrap” Au

The game I used the APC in was sorta weird. I pulled the APC into a defensive position and took some shots at people, nailing two, but the only person who saw me out of the four left in the airfield was the airplane overhead that was bombing my APC just because it was there.

I find the APC pretty handy, even for soloing. It’s faster and more armored than walking, and by using the number keys you can quickly switch between moving; seeing & shooting; and healing & rearming. It’s vulnerable to bombs and not very fast, and it rolls too easily, but it’s pretty versatile. And as Mr. AngryFace said, you can always jump out to flank people or use grenades and then jump back in. I usually take it instead of a jeep unless I need to go more than halfway across the map.

best use of the boats is for allies. when you see them coming into shore, get down to the water asap but dont shoot at them or gren them and scare them off. Wait, run up to boat, press ‘e’ right when they exit, hit 2 and then gun them ALL DOWN. it is HILARIOUS especially when their pilot didnt lower the bridge, I’ve hit boats of 3 with that, then hid by that boat while watching another boat come in, then POW! same thing.