Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Gat dam.

25 million players. 2 million concurrent.


I dunno what you’d call it, but Apex characters definitely don’t look, sound, or feel like Titanfall characters to me.

(Other than the robot)

They aren’t quite cartoons, but they are “cartoony”.


They look like CoD Blackout characters to me. Doesn’t seem “Titanfall” to me, but not quite as cartoons as Fortnite, either. Kind of Borderlands-y.


Bloodhound’s aesthetic seems to hew fairly close to the Titanfall art style and even looks like an eccentric pilot. Respawn have noted that his/her design originated from some of the early design documents and preliminary art samples in the creative process that lead to the original Titanfall.

Then you have the EdgeLord Wraith that does things like vaguely hit and shake her head cuz her mental demonz are too much to take! A character from BossKey’s Lawbreakers did the exact same thing on the character selection screen.


Another positive knock on effect from Apex Legends.

As spotted on the Titanfall Reddit and the Resetera forums, worldwide players numbers for Titanfall 2 have multiplied across all platforms since the release of Apex Legends and the number of online players on Xbox even surpassed 10k players this weekend. Prior to the release of Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 would have around 2k to 3k Xbox players on casual Saturdays.

The number of online PC players also increased considerably with a peak of roughly 3500 players this weekend. Usually, there would be an average of 800 to 1500 PC players worldwide.


The characters are boring af and completely unoriginal. You have all the tropes covered. Happy Death Robot, Weird Guy, Goth Chick, Generic Soldier, The Rock from Moana, Girl Lucio, Necromancer, and Johnny Cage.

I still love the game but if they’re gonna crib Overwatch they should have hired a character artist.


tbh the cosmetic stuff is uaf


I like the character designs… they’re not the outragously Disney/Anime of Overwatch… but then again its all opinion anyway. The best is still Jagged Alliance 2!


Currently this game is heavily eating into Fortnite’s Twitch presence. Anecdotally, last night Apex was doing 3-4 times the viewers than Fortnite.

Free 2 Play is the answer I guess.


But Fortnite is also Free2Play. I just figured they were still paying notable streamers for their time.


Apex doesn’t have building objects which I imagine annoys a lot of people, myself included.


On the flipside, no building and first-person is precisely why I prefer Blackout or Apex to Fortnite.

As far as the streaming stats, Respawn/EA haven’t been shy about the fact that they’ve sponsored some popular Twitch folks to play their game. Beyond that, a lot of unsponsored streamers are playing Apex because it’s the new hotness.


Building is the reason I played Fortnite 2x and uninstalled. Too lazy for that, and it just seemed like a janky carryover that they were too cheap to get rid of from the main game.

I totally get that the building is a great selling point for fans of the game, but that one particular aspect just wasn’t for me personally. I didn’t like navigating the menus, and I really didn’t like obstacles popping up every time I would encounter somebody. It just wasn’t for me, even though it could have been great fun for a younger me, maybe 25 years ago.


I tried Fortnite when it launched, then tried it again like a month later when I was frustrated with the bugs in PUBG, and the building put me off it every time.

Apex is just a better shooter too. The guns in Fortnite feel like toys and they’re really generic.

Apex seems like it really figured out what makes these games appealing without introducing much, if any, annoying bullshit. It’s really a masterful design. It’s hard to describe, but there’s little things like the way the target reticles work on the different guns, the toggling of fire modes, the attachments equipping automatically, the fact that I can pick up items easily (unlike PUBG), the drop mechanics, seeding redeploy balloons across the map, etc etc.

It’s a Blizzard level polish on the game, and serious attention to fun factor. If you love shooters, this is one of the best ever made.


Sorry that’s what I meant, just worded it poorly. I can’t stand the building and tpp so Apex wins by default for me.


No worries. Different strokes. Some people love the on-the-fly building in Fortnite.


I’m enjoying this and can’t wait to see what respawn does with Star Wars.


Clearly I was far too negative in my initial response to Apex. Ultimately comes down to whether people are still playing in 90 days.


I’ve come around on the game as well. Played a few matches with a friend of mine who has lots of experience with BR games and it was great fun with voice comms and working in a squad.


Building, tearing down the environment for building parts, and the lack of consistent aesthetics turned me off of Fortnite. It feels like Garry’s mod, with no desire or ability to maintain a cohesive world of any kind. PUBG nailed the BR fantasy look and feel, but was too janky. I installed Apex last night, but got sucked into Hand of Fate 2. Hopefully will try this soon.