Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Sorry that’s what I meant, just worded it poorly. I can’t stand the building and tpp so Apex wins by default for me.


No worries. Different strokes. Some people love the on-the-fly building in Fortnite.


I’m enjoying this and can’t wait to see what respawn does with Star Wars.


Clearly I was far too negative in my initial response to Apex. Ultimately comes down to whether people are still playing in 90 days.


I’ve come around on the game as well. Played a few matches with a friend of mine who has lots of experience with BR games and it was great fun with voice comms and working in a squad.


Building, tearing down the environment for building parts, and the lack of consistent aesthetics turned me off of Fortnite. It feels like Garry’s mod, with no desire or ability to maintain a cohesive world of any kind. PUBG nailed the BR fantasy look and feel, but was too janky. I installed Apex last night, but got sucked into Hand of Fate 2. Hopefully will try this soon.


Having a blast with this. I turned on the option for adaptive scaling to maintain a 60 fps, and my accuracy improved drastically! I notice the res getting lower at times, but having a smooth fps has proved to be the difference. I highly recommend trying it out if hitting people is an issue.


Well, this might be the start of a longer (sort of very welcomed) mono-gaming-phase…I’m really not hesitating what to play right now, just starting Apex. It’s been awhile.

I enjoy the shooting. It’s rare that you can’t fight back because the ‘time to kill’ really is long. There’s not much recoil. Only the ‘bullet drop’ seems to matter quite a bit. Sniping isn’t easy.

My main problem is the meta. I’m not good at learning by doing. Mr.GRIM knows the map so well, I have no clue where’s what and what’s what. Same goes for weapons etc. I must read this stuff. I guess I’ll do so. I’m even considering to use voice chat and btw freaking my wife out.

I was critical about the monetisation. I see clearer now: where’s the fun there goes the money… Season pass? Why not!


I don’t typically like these games for various reasons, but this is one of the few games of this type where people aren’t asshats all the time and actually communicate.


I might have to try this. I bounced off Fortnite pretty hard. Most likely due to the fact that what I enjoy about BR games isn’t want Fortnite focuses on. PUBG is basically a horror game, with long stretches of calm peppered in with quick segments of ultra-violence.

This is especially heightened playing alone in FPS, which is basically the only way I played PUBG.


guess what… i did something i never do in a BR… I won a match! AND as the best player! omg this game rocks even more!


1st kill!!! With a pistol of all things. We dropped in hot and both my squadies grabbed fins quick. We got into a firefight almost immediatley and I think I grabbed a pistol that was dropped. Anyway I started shooting and jumping and killed someone. Almost got a second but my squadies were already down so I got taken out. Whoohoo.

I think I’ll keep jumping in hot for a bit. I’m less likely to be much worse weapon-wise that quickly and it’s good practice at the gunplay. I swear I never know if I hit anyone but it feels like I get one shoted all the time.


Played four rounds today :

Round 1 : Winner! And I landed the winning kill!

Round 2 : Teamed with a random pairing who have the same clan tags. They somehow abandon the round in the last second of character choice so I end up on the jump ship on my own. I jump very late to try to avoid traffic and then come in with the ring edge.

Eventually it’s just me and two other full teams. They’re shooting each other and I try to land my arty strike on top of them as it’s the only chance I have to win. That fails, but I do come second all on my lonesome.

Round 3 : Teamed again with a different duo who have matching clan tags, (different clan), and they abandon the round in the last second of character choice so I end up on the jump ship on my own. I jump very late to try to avoid traffic and then come in with the ring edge.

I make it to the last three teams and try my arty trick again, but I attract attention trying to set up the throw and get shot. I come third all on my lonesome.

Round 4 : Winner! And I landed the winning kill!

This never happens to me in BRs, so I may have developed an unhealthy love for the game just today.


You people are all doomed. There’s no hope for you now!


Today must be the QT3 day, because I played one match with randoms today. 4 kills, 2 revives, my first victory and I was the champion!


I haven’t played today, and now I’m scared to because I’ll throw off the average by woefully under-performing.


It was fun. I don’t know quite how I got the Champion tag. One guy had more kills, the other guy actually revived both of us at the green holographic thing. Overall, I felt like I was carried by the team, and clearly I was dumb about a few things. However, I did also clearly contribute with the 2 key rezes, and then a double kill when our squad was nearly overwhelmed and I dropped arty on our position and wiped out the threat.

Do you get the champion if you have the final kill? I did pop a guy in the final circle with my blue peacemaker.


I’m still so bad at this. I can’t hit anything and I die instantly when I go up against 90% of people.

Occasionally I’ll do 200~ damage but other times I can single, burst or full auto fire at a target in my crosshairs and not land a single bullet.

Like I said before, I’m good at Titanfall 2 but being so bad at this is frustrating. I know they’re very different games but when you’re using the same weapons in the same universe… I literally can’t remember the last time I actually killed someone in Apex. Bleurgh. Send help.

All I know is hipfiring and hitscan is out, IDS and bullet drop is in. I think I just need to drop hot more and ‘get spicy’, as the kids say. Do they say that?


Here’s me 1v3’ing a squad that wiped my team last night. The Xbox clipper missed the first kill! We didn’t win this game though.

Here’s a different game that we won. 9 kills, 5 revives, kill leader and I killed the champion.

The lesson here is that the Peacekeeper is a great gun.


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