Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


agreed. TTD in this game is TIGHT when shields are down.


For me it’s the opposite, the more I play Apex the less I like it. There’s something about the shooting that just feels off (weak weapons, low recoil), combined with all the audio/visual noise during combat which just makes me flat out dislike it.


Really? I thought the last patch fixed the hit boxes.


Hotbox adjustments aren’t coming until they patch in the new character. I imagine they’re the reason the battlepass is delayed.



I figured out my problem with first person shooters!!! I played Tribes, a lot. There is a fundamental boredom to these games (for me), regardless of how well they are done. The combination of managing your flying, and managing projectile travel and lead times, has forever soured me on ‘run around on the ground and shoot stuff’ mechanics.

Seriously not trying to take anything away from AL et. al., just a revelation for me. This is why every one of these games leaves me cold. Carry on.


I would love a tribes remake. I loved playing the heavy and lobbing mortars at people.


So true. Tribes was a ballet. You didn’t die in 3 seconds, but more like 20+. There was room for a huge variety of roles and abilities. Heavy on flag, base repair/defense, light defense and chaser, capper, midfield, heavy offense… Something for everyone.

For me, that was easily the pinnacle of shooters.

I specialized as light defense/chaser and secondarily as heavy on flag.

Tribes Ascend ruined my hope of the game ever making a comeback.


I got my 12th and 13th wins on PlayStation today. The last one just now was a nailbiter. One revive. Lost a man super late and had to win it with two. Grabbed a Mastiff toward the end and it took care of business.

Apex Legends is one of my favorite games of the year so far. I love the muted Titanfall-like mobility. It really hit the sweet spot between a more standard shooting game and the crazy pilot theatrics that only the most skilled pilots could pull off in multiplayer.

It’s still so vertical and yet it’s also much more grounded. My favorite weapon combo is probably Spitfire and G7 or Hemlok but I use the R301 and R99 a bunch too. Devotion with the hopup is on par with Spitfire. I actually prefer the EVA-8 among the shotguns.

This is a great game.


Eva-8 is really great especially early in the game. I’m coming around on the wingman. Yes I know it is great, but man I have had some great games with it as of late.


I’m not comfortable with it yet. One thing I’ve been trying to do in recent games that I think has been helpful for me is to pick up weapons of the same ammo type so I can mentally focus only on one pickup for ammo type as I scour the map. That does mean I’ll use the Wingman with a Spitfire since the Wingman gives good damage both close up and at range. I’ll usually swap it out for a Hemlok with medium/long range scope though. Spitfire chews up dudes close to medium range.

The one thing shotguns have going for them is you use a lot less ammo so you don’t have to carry as much. Until I locate an LMG or an R99, I’ll definitely carry either an EVA or a Peacekeeper. I also really like how the EVA fires quickly because for me it’s often about volume of fire over single shot perfect hits. I know I’m going to miss a little bit…

All that said, I was on point with the Mastiff and usually am when I find it. I just really like that gun and it hits so hard.

Forgot to mention I got the trophy for gold helmet and armor in that last win too. Found both in a single deathbox. Easy peasy!


Here are the season 1 details:


I’ll grab it considering I have over 100 hours on the game already. I really wish there was just a place to see total wins. So annoying that this isn’t in the tracker at all. I have to be at like 40-50 wins, but I have no way to know. I’m at like 17 wins with bang with a full team. No idea how many without the full team.


Dunno if this is common among online games now but I like it. EA is banning cheaters by their hardware so it becomes almost impossible to get back with same the same PC.

While there are some ways (difficult as they may be) around Respawn’s hardware ban, most cheaters are still furious. Their anger isn’t just directed at Respawn, but at the websites or companies that sold them the cheats. A good majority of these cheats cost anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on the program. That is a lot of money to pay to have your account banned a day later. However, the websites that sell these cheats are promising the buyers undetectable and unbannable hacks. While some of these do get through the Anti-Cheat software, many are being flagged and leaving the buyers unable to play Apex on the same PC again.


After a self imposed hiatus (the flu) I’m back at playing with nearly the same enthusiasm as in the beginning. I’m still hoping to improve some day but for now I’ve hit a wall: my games never diverge from this pattern: 0-100 dmg/0-1 kill: poor game, 100-250/1-2 kills: okay; 250-350/1-3: good; 350-500/2-3 kills: very good; 500-900 dmg/2-4 kills: my best - and that’s it. I just can’t do better. I have never got 5 kills, never done 900+ damage. That’s the magical wall. I have played for ~100 hours but I have no idea how to break through.

Well, I have won a match yesterday and today where I was critical to the success (I think) … and with this last win also came my best Apex moment so far: a guy thanked me for carrying him! Me : ) That might be a brick in the wall. Normally I’m the guy that says ‘thanks for the carry’ after a win. I have felt childishly proud.

Another thing I have noticed with embarrassment: I’m moving my whole body in very hectic situations as if I could … make my character move the way I do. There clearly is a lack of mouse and keyboard control…and some sort of dissonance… my mind wants to do something, but my body (arms & hands) can’t and instead of recognizing what’s possible and not/how to… I’m doing gymnastics on my chair hoping my character dodges that bullets. Oh my! :-)

I’m buying the Battle Pass for sure. Although I don’t care much for it.


Yeah, that’s me. Loved it at first, gradually enjoyed it less and less, went back to PUBG and enjoyed the feeling of not getting immediately melted in firefights.


I started keeping track today, because of how bad it was going as I tried to get my first kill of the day for the 500xp reward. It took me 14 rounds, during which I averaged 56 damage.

I might actually be the very worst Apex player there is.


Are you folks picking up armor right away? That should be as high on your list as a weapon when you land. Armor is vital to survival in Apex. Given you’re struggling to inflict a lot of damage, try to prioritize at least snagging white armor when you hit the ground and then grabbing whatever guns you can find.

Also, try to land near enough to your teammates to get their help but also far enough away that you’re not competing with them for the same gear. These are subtle things you can do to make the first moments go better for you.

The game rewards aggression. There’s no doubt about that. It rewards planned aggression though, and not just willy nilly running in while firing and not kitted out properly. The best guns upon landing are the short and medium range ones because you’ll probably have people in your face so try to grab those. Strafe a lot while firing too.


Something people have been doing to me in a fight is ducking while we exchange fire. Fucks me up every time.


Absolutely important. Make sure you have both ‘crouch’ keys bound. One is for quick pop-up-and-downs and the other is for permanently crawling. I use ‘C’ for permanent and ‘T’ for quick.