Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe

I know it’s all of like two of us playing this, but I am consistently amazed at just how good it is and how much fun this new map can be.

First, I have been in two opened vaults now. Keys are in the supply bots that roam around the map. The first time we got into one we killed another team and got their key. The second time we got into one it was because we shot the bot and made a beeline for the nearest vault that was inside the circle. We almost won the second game and might have won the first one. I forget. I’ve actually had a lot of wins recently, which has been great.

The thing I like best is just how friendly everyone is when I play Apex. Sometimes I don’t click with a person that’s too chatty, or seems rather caught up in still learning things, but often even those people are still pretty good players. The skill level of people who play Apex seems rather high, which again, I really like.

I am especially fond of how this bigger map has made long range gunfights a LOT more interesting. While the spaces between are often flat and vast, there are also often high points scattered around you can fight from. It’s really important to snag these spots before other teams can as the circle closes. And the circle on this map is waaaaay more frightening than it’s ever been. By the third circle, you really need to have your shit together because you do not want to be caught in that.

I’ve also been switching up my character to complete Daily and Weekly objectives and am really having fun moving between them. I tend to forget to use their specials and ultimates, but after a few games I am grooving. Octane probably got nerfed the hardest by the large map even though his speed is useful at times. With so many longer range fights, he just doesn’t come in handy all that often. He’s still a gd riot though with some of the best quips.

This guy is insane… bad language inside… but he’s using an Xbox controller on PC. 20 kills. 5000 damage.


The new event is official. Starts tomorrow. It’s a little like Infection in Halo. When you die, you get put in the zombie pool. You only have melee attacks. Once there are ten players left, they must work together to reach a dropship, Titanfall loser style.

Cheat bots go to him to do better. Wow. He doesn’t miss a shot.

Really enjoying shadowfall. I’m curious to know if caustic can actually win

It’s good! I enjoyed the brief time I had with it last night. It definitely creates a sense of dread you don’t get in the standard mode. Once you get into that last ten, it’s really hard to win in my experience, though. I haven’t made a dropship yet. It’s just crazy with Shadows and nothing shoots fast enough to take them all out if you get more than one or two on you.

Anyone know what controller that guy is using? I didn’t know controllers could track so fast and precisely

The shadow fall game mode is crazy

It’s just a standard Xbox One controller plugged in via a crummy USB cable to his PC.

Controller players can be really good. My oldest played the original Titanfall on PC with a 360 controller and consistently topped the leaderboards.

He seems to use reasonably high sensitivity.

Ahh ok maybe I’ll try tweaking my settings or something, I never really tried playing an FPS with a controller.

It takes practice and adjustment but it’s totally doable. You won’t be able to do the 180 spin no scope sniper shots like people do with a mouse, but given most people can’t do that anyway, you’ll be fine.

I actually have issues now with motion sickness when I try to play with mouse and keyboard. I’ve had to use controllers on the PC for awhile. I never feel overmatched.

I took a long break from this when the cheating was totally out of hand and I’m glad I did. The new map and adjustments have made the game really fresh and fun. I’m having a blast this week playing. I like the event even if it’s getting old quick and like I said the new map is awesome sauce.

I think I need to start streaming on my xbox. played a game with Gibraltar get knocked down mid game out lose all my stuff came back with a shotgun 6 shots and a hemlock with 30 shots. I have 2 teammates and two remaining teams we hear the battle start. l decide I’m dead anyway and charge in. My teammates are still too far away. Throw my ultimate and kill everyone for the win. It was glorious.

Heh… I have had a few games recently where I’ve wiped entire teams by myself with very minimal help from teammates. I did get pushed up into a Gold rank match though while playing with a guy I met online and I did not fare well. I am not sure if it was me or the fact the competition was better.

I will say this… PS4 as a whole is tougher than Xbox from my experience. I haven’t played enough on PC to make a comparison there. Some friends have been talking about trying it together on there so I’d like to do that soon to see how that stacks up now.

Here’s a link to the match I sucked badly. I basically apologized and quit for the night after that. TESTICKALS is the person I knew. Quality name. lol!

I don’t play ranked because I suck, but I do get lucky

I really like ranked because there’s something on the line. It alters how people play a little bit. Less effing around and more focus on survival and getting kills so you don’t end up losing rank. People stay together and work together better overall. They also go for revives all the time and it’s rare for people to quit out. I usually use “Play Apex” to warm up and then jump right into ranked.

Re-watching that last game of mine I wasn’t completely awful, but I sure felt like I was sucking that night. I hope to get some rounds in tonight. I think I have a shot at Platinum before the season is over if I keep playing regularly since it’s somewhat longer than the last season. That would only drop me to Silver next time around I think.

I did finally get Crypto. (I haven’t spent real money on any characters.) He’s definitely awesome. I did some fun things with the drone and he’s an asset to any team without question. With a large backpack, he should always be carrying Ultimate Accelerant to get that EMP back up. That thing is powerful if used correctly. Just hovering the drone in the right place can be incredibly useful though.

I’m still not sure which Legend I like best. They’re all so much fun to play. Pathfinder is the one I’ve had the most success with, and his voice quips are among my favorites, but everyone has reasons to be up there for me. It’s such a well-designed game. I still can’t believe you can play this for free.

Made Gold last night. I’m going to try to grind to Platinum but that may be out of reach for me. It’s definitely more costly to play a match in Gold and fail to make the top ten. For those reading who don’t play ranked, here are the ranked point scoring values…


…which you earn after an initial cost…


Each Ranked match will require RP to play based on your tier:

  • Bronze matches are still free
  • Silver matches cost 12RP
  • Gold matches cost 24RP
  • Platinum matches cost 36RP
  • Diamond matches cost 48RP
  • Apex Predator matches cost 60RP

…so grinding through Silver wasn’t too bad. Finish 10th as a team and you would lose 2 points at worst (10RP for 10th) - (12RP entry fee) which really didn’t happen too often because I almost always have at least one kill if I’m making it to tenth. Wins really help push you up quickly too, but that’s obviously harder to do in ranked than standard mode.

There’s a lot more info on Ranked Season 2 here.

I think it’s super cool that they’ve added rankings to Apex Predators to show their worldwide standing. I kinda wish that could be extended all the way down the ladder even to us schlubs at the low end. Ranked play has always resulted in better teammates for me as a solo player and I’ve made some fun connections with people I played with along the way too. It has definitely made me up my own game.

Duos coming next week…

Not a big deal for me specifically but I know a lot of people wanted this.

Also… from the EA earnings call today…

Question: One thing that was not mentioned was Titanfall 3, and has that been sort of integrated now into Apex Legends? Is that’s still being looked at as a separate title?

Andrew Wilson: It’s a – certainly, it could be a separate title in the future. We really want to keep the team hyper-focused on Apex because we see there’s so much opportunity there. But – so I can’t give you a sense of if and when it will come. But we’re still a great brand and we certainly won’t forget about it down the road.

Haha… Vince Zampella as Caustic

Half my games lately have been Duos! HA HA!

For those who are on the fence on this game. I really like that they added the daily and weekly goals. I go back to legends I either stopped playing or just don’t play. I’ve have a an amazing run with both Bloodhound and Crypto lately and the wingman is suddenly my favorite gun in the game again.

It’s easily my favorite game of 2019. It will take a lot to dislodge it. I’ve played a lot of shooters since Wolf 3D and this one perfectly encapsulates my favorite things about them and more. I still can’t get over the fact it is free.