Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe

Great teamwork.

Xbox game had a bug where the teammate’s name wasn’t over their body and I kept shooting my teammate. I wish I had recorded it. Takl about awkward.

Also I hate the random punch bug. Nothing worse than trying to shoot and punching air.

This happens to me a lot. I’ll round a corner and light a guy up and turns out he’s my team mate. I thought it was because I was bad, but I swear I never saw his name tag.

Any of you going to try COD? I watched a gameplay video and it didn’t really seem any different from Blackout which was pretty much dead after 3 months. From watching the video I think it will have the same exact issue. People don’t want to watch people playing it because the movement is so fast. That kills a lot of hype around the game.

I’m a sucker for BR so for free I’ll certainly give it a shot, but once MLB 20 comes out on Friday I’ll be back on my digital card collecting crack binge.

Thanks! As I almost always do, I was playing on my own with those two. They were just random (good) players I got matched with for that specific ranked game. I’m 100% stuck at Platinum IV because it’s just impossible to get enough good squads to make my way up the ladder from there. I did match with a couple college kids that worked well with me last night and hope to play with them again. Finding people who don’t just auto-push every fight is really hard, and you can’t get through ranked if you’re pushing with crap or even middling gear. Sometimes you have to back off and run.

I still have the most fun in ranked, though. I get more wins in Play Apex or Deja Loot but often the games aren’t as nail biting. Ranked has made me a better player. There is just no question about that, even if I still try to shoot downed teammates once a month…

I have another vid to clip that was pretty funny. I’ll try to post that tonight.

@Octavious230 I’ll wait for some word on it before playing. I really liked Modern Warfare, but I just really like Apex more. The game totally resonates with me. So many excellent design decisions. It’s gameplay over everything else through and through and I love that.

My only complaint with Apex right now is the price of the cosmetics. I’m not above buying loot boxes, especially for a free game. I bought the Founder’s Pack for Apex, and I get the battle passes.

$7 for an event loot box is absurd. $18 for a skin is absurd. By comparison, Fortnite charges about $5 for a premium skin, and $3 for most others. The skins available in the standard Apex packs you can earn through playing are low effort palette swaps, with a 2 unique skins for each legend (with a palette swap).

If their loot boxes were $1, I’d probably drop a few bucks on them. No fucking way I’m paying $7 for a 1 in 20 chance to get the skin I want, or using all the sparse crafting materials I have ever collected in a year of playing the game.

Who did the pricing analysis here? I can’t fathom how $7 is the optimum price for a loot box. If 8 people buy a $1 loot box that’s better than 1 person buying a $7 one, right?

Pubg has the same issue which is even more bizarre as it’s not free to play. The prices on the skins are so high that I never buy any of them even if they look kind of cool. :( Five bucks? Sure… 15? That’s nuts.

All I can figure is that people are paying the prices asked. I see the skins on players regularly during each event. It’s crazy. I really like a couple of the current ones, but I cannot justify the cost at all. At $5? Maybe.

Fortnite has had a lot of $20 skins though. I think Apex is probably in line with them for the most part.

Pretty sure Raven was the first $20 skin for Fortnite. It’s been a thing for awhile now.

Dave Long,
Have you played season 5 yet?
I love Mirage’s new buffs.
Love loba. Now lets buff wraith

Most of the good skins in Fortnite are $20 and I know tons of people who have bought a dozen or so of them. It’s pretty crazy really. Not sure where you got the $5 for premium and $3 for most others though. Most Fortnite skins are either $10 or $20 with a handfull of mostly recolors for under $10 with a few exceptions like the $5 monthly bundles

Warzone has completely consumed me and I have no time for Apex anymore. I can’t support multiple battle pass games.

You’re right about the prices, skins are $20. Shit in Warzone a skin is $25, and they’re not even that exciting. It’s just army guys (and gals). My Fortnite perspective was skewed because my son was buying cheap Star Wars skins for $5. He called me yesterday to beg for money to buy a $10 tomato man.

Season 5 is excellent! I really like Loba. I played as her for a few games and was quickly coming to the conclusion you’ll want her in ranked for her mobility and the store. She also seems to have the medium/small hitbox instead of the one the heavymen do. That’s important.

I really dig the way they’re incorporating their story in the game now. I think that has a lot of potential.

I’ve only played Wraith outside of Loba so far as I kind of got stuck into playing her last season. I am pretty good at flanking people with her and being sneaky. Loba fills this role just as well now so I may end up playing her a bunch with my regular group. I have no sympathy for the Pathfinder people. He deserved that nerf.

As for Warzone, @Wallapuctus, I play both. I was done with the CoD Battle Pass in no time. Ultimately. It’s all “junk” anyway since it’ll always be stuff with no actual effect on gameplay outside of blueprints making it easier to get certain weapon attachments. I dig both a ton and will be playing Apex and Warzone so as to not burn out on either of them. The pace and game length of Warzone is slower and longer which is a nice change of pace from the frantic roar of Apex.

The most costly bundles in WZ are €20, and contains a lot more than “a skin”. There’s usually an operator skin, a couple of weapon skins and several other items. I mean, I still think those bundles are expensive, but there’s no need to exaggerate.

I don’t know how you finish the battle pass in no time. I’m level 78 with 2 or 3 weeks left and I’ll barely make it. If I play every day I get maybe 2 levels? The double XP week was nice, when the XP was actually tracking. Half the time it wasn’t.

This is the Apex thread, though. Apex’s battlepass is designed to soft-cap you at about 10 levels a week, which gets you to 100 if you hit those 10 levels with a couple weeks to spare. This was the calendar for season 4, I imagine season 5 will be paced similarly

Honestly I hate these timed exclusive battle passes. It makes the game feel like a fucking job. I know they want people logging in and playing every day, but it just makes the game feel like stress and obligation rather than leisure. I much prefer the way Sea of Thieves does it, where things are in the game, you do them or don’t, whenever you want. They have a couple seasonal events that come back each year. You never really miss anything by playing a different game. It always welcomes you back.

The skins in season 5 are not to my taste and I’d never use them, so I’m comfortable skipping it. Even Karen Bangalore.

It’s a weapon skin as blueprint too, which means it unlocks attachments you’d otherwise have to earn leveling up the gun, which if you only play Warzone isn’t going to be easy.

@Wallapuctus I just play the games. That’s how I get the Battle Pass done quickly. It also helps to play well as you get more XP the better you play which in both games translates into quicker leveling, although Apex is better about that than Modern Warfare.

In CoD, I also play multiplayer so that contributes as well.

With Apex I made it to 110 with a big break playing a lot of Warzone in Season 4. Do the weekly challenges and get some good games in. Also, if it feels like a slog, quit! When Fortnite felt like that, I moved on.

I’m not Twitch streamer levels but I’m not bad at shooters. I win rounds of Apex and Warzone often enough. They still require me to put in at least 2 hours a day to finish the battle pass. That’s like MMO RPG level commitment.

I tend to not play these games unless my friends are on, so that limits my time. Right now my crew is playing Warzone. I think they like the slower pace because it forces more tactical movement, coordination, and decisions matter more. I tend to prefer Apex because of the varied weapons and character abilities, straight Army Guy games kind of bore me.

Wraith needs a buff!!! Seriously they nerf the F out her and then introduce Wraith 2.0.

A little bit of thread necro to see if anyone is still playing this on any semi-regular basis. I’m DantesWitness on there/Origin if anyone is looking for a mediocre wingman.

I’m on there everyday, but until the add crossplay (it’s coming) I’m on an xbox so not much help for now.

Yeah, same. I don’t play every day right now as I’ve been playing a lot more Warzone, but I play often and I’m on PS4.

One day, PC players and console players will meet and reconcile their differences through mozambique fights.