Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


The Battlefield and Enemy Territory games (Quake Wars at least) used to have fairly robust ping or ‘vsay’ systems/radial menus but they got abandoned and I remember being so disappointed. I’m glad Respawn have brought them back – and it’s being spoken about – because we should never have lost them in the first place, quite frankly. They were a great facilitator of teamwork when folk didn’t have mics, or didn’t feel comfortable talking, or weren’t fast enough at typing stuff in.

Can you elaborate on this? I don’t know what I’m doing or looking at with most of the items I’m coming across and hoovering up!

Yeah, this is pretty much how I feel about the scavenging side of things. I kind of appreciate having to use weapons I wouldn’t typically choose though.


That’s just while learning the game. Pretty shortly, you’ll easily remember what’s for what.


Played this again a bit, and got grouped with a guy that was instantly raging about everything. I’m too old for this shit.


There is a color coded approach to ammo that simplifies inventory management and looting.

Look at your equipped weapon in the lower right of the UI. The ammo it uses is shown there. Energy ammo is dark green, light ammo is tan, shotgun shells are red, heavy ammo is orange (?), and so on. So just check your equipped weapons and only pick up the ammo that matches unless you are grabbing other types for your team.

Ammo on the ground is colored cleary and easy to identify from a distance.

When looting the UI will indicate if you have better gear equipped (and might even prevent you from grabbing weaker gear?).


100% with you there. I went into my Xbox settings and quickly turned off the voice chat stuff.


Cool, cool. Except it’s a mandatory cooperative PvP game so that puts you at a disadvantage.

I don’t really see a solution to people being dicks, just sayin’.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m still overwhelmed with the pickups and don’t really know much about the variety. But I’m talking about things like:

  • If there’s something objectively worse - armor, shields, backpacks etc. - they appear in boring white on the ground and don’t let you pick them up
  • When you pick up attachments, they automatically attach to weapons you have
  • When you switch weapons, all applicable add ons automatically transfer to those weapons
  • Ammo colors on the ground match the color of weapons on your HUD to quickly let you know what you need or want
  • The Ping button works incredibly well in general, but specifically for inventory management you can ping weapons in your inventory to ask your team for ammo for that weapon

Probably some other things I’m forgetting too.


The studio did a ton of work to enable gameplay without voice chat:

And there are even accessibility options to automatically voice-to-text voice chat.


I’m sure they did, and that’s laudable, but nothing can replace the efficiency of voice chat.


There’s a clicky ping/tag/spot system in the game that covers everything a pick-up group will need. I’d rather lose a couple extra games by missing out on explicit voice directives over listening to some kid shrieking at me.


On some level that’s true, but I’ve been playing the game just fine with voice comms off and enjoying the experience. I even won without anyone on my team speaking a single word. The ping system is brilliant and even the triggered automatic voice lines the characters say are extremely helpful and contribute to team cohesion.

Characters will say when they are reloading, under fire, when some of your team are outside the safe ring, when they are downed, etc.

I suppose if one is highly competitive and wants to play like they are in an esport competition then voice comms will elevate that experience but this game handles non-verbal communication and team cohesion incredibly well. Good enough for most of the casual playerbase I would imagine.


Voice chat isn’t just beneficial for the elites, it makes poor players better too. But of course there is the tradeoff that most randos are dicks.


These are absolutely brilliant. I think the spotting system is currently overshadowing these, but they deserve equal recognition. The passive contextual banter is heads and shoulders above similar implementations, and it’s worth making sure every player knows not to ignore this stuff like so much background chatter.


Oh I see, thanks!


I’m glad to see this is so good. We need some competition in the BR space and the Fortnite monopoly has been bad for consumers.


Wow, up to 1,000,000 concurrent players and 10 million downloads. I’m very happy for Respawn. They’re such an amazing studio.


Comfortably my favourite win.

Technically I didn’t do nothing…


Even if one guy dies or quit, you can still kick ass. 3 is a very good number for pvp, really.


Making it matter.