Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


I’ll try the game tonight. I guess I should be happy the chars are so shitty so I won’t buy lootboxes. When they released pumpkin head Reaper in OW I forked over cash :(


I agree that the design is pretty uninsipred, but these aren’t supposed to be pilots and I think I am happy with that part.


If anyone can stomach playing with an utter noob, I go by dionisus1122 on Origin. I’m incapable of finding a weapon, so… Yeah


Well, I made Champion… although I did not know how… I didn’t even realize that we were close to winning… and got annoyed by that strange message (that told me I was a Champion [well…]) …so I’m all in for Noob-Squad!
(Ritschier on Origin, EU based)


I’m in too. Team Noob unite! It’s ‘geggiiis’.


I can play on either PC or XBOX

Origin: AntediluvianArk
XBOX: AntediluvianArk


I’m SadleyBradley on Origin. I will have a net negative effect on the team!


That’s excellent: you’re hired!


Smokeysixer on Origins, add me for some games.
I have sent requests to all above.


Lol reminds me of my first game of Fortnite, I just snuck around the edges, never fired a shot, and eventually got slaughtered by some guy with a jetpack… Second place!


I am wharblgarble is anyone wants to team up with someone totally terrible. I havent played a shooter since Planetside 2 was at its peak.


I’ve had two wins so far in about 12 or 13 games. I did pretty much nothing to contribute in those two games except spot/mark enemies when I was down. Great game for bad players.


Played with gingerturtle today - thanks for letting me run with you. Pretty awful for about 3 games, but at least I can find weapons now!


Super helpful chart someone over on Reddit put together. Worth memorizing.


I thought we were really good… at finding weapons and getting revived ; D
Played some matches ealier with Mr. GRIM…and that was fun too! [We even made spot #4, I remember. And it was close ;)]. I think it’s a lot more interesting with people from qt3 :-)
Hoping to play some more with you. Although I have to admit voice chat helps quite a deal. Maybe I can put something up in the near future.


Thanks for the chart, Kerzain. Also, I’m very jealous of your new avatar!


I gave @Shimarenda (and the rest of the world) 5 days to claim it. Unfortunately, I’m no longer kosher.


Ok, I played now for real and I got my first victory in the third game. Although we mostly won because one guy in the squad was clearly a veteran (he had one of the legends you have to unlock and had 90 kills).

I noticed you don’t really win credits to unlock the heroes, you only win xp with each round. It’s only when you level up when (sometimes! not at every level) you win credits that can be used to unlock them. So it’s pretty grindy F2P model in that regard, as I guess you level up slower and slower the higher level you are, as it’s usual.


I recognised it from the silly Lunar Sale Steam emojis! That one in particular stood out to me so good choice!


Anybody else who can’t log in/get into the game menu?

(btw.: Game’s showing me a ridiculous amount of time played… it was’nt even running in the backround. Also strange.)