Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


It was fun. I don’t know quite how I got the Champion tag. One guy had more kills, the other guy actually revived both of us at the green holographic thing. Overall, I felt like I was carried by the team, and clearly I was dumb about a few things. However, I did also clearly contribute with the 2 key rezes, and then a double kill when our squad was nearly overwhelmed and I dropped arty on our position and wiped out the threat.

Do you get the champion if you have the final kill? I did pop a guy in the final circle with my blue peacemaker.


I’m still so bad at this. I can’t hit anything and I die instantly when I go up against 90% of people.

Occasionally I’ll do 200~ damage but other times I can single, burst or full auto fire at a target in my crosshairs and not land a single bullet.

Like I said before, I’m good at Titanfall 2 but being so bad at this is frustrating. I know they’re very different games but when you’re using the same weapons in the same universe… I literally can’t remember the last time I actually killed someone in Apex. Bleurgh. Send help.

All I know is hipfiring and hitscan is out, IDS and bullet drop is in. I think I just need to drop hot more and ‘get spicy’, as the kids say. Do they say that?


Here’s me 1v3’ing a squad that wiped my team last night. The Xbox clipper missed the first kill! We didn’t win this game though.

Here’s a different game that we won. 9 kills, 5 revives, kill leader and I killed the champion.

The lesson here is that the Peacekeeper is a great gun.


I know most of you are on PC, I’m on Xbox and have started using my club for LFG features to help coordinate. Club Link

makes it pretty easy to coordinate throughout the day.


I should start playing shooters on consoles, it looks like the average person plays with their feet.


In general this is certainly true. The gap between the average player and good players feels much broader than on PC. The really good players feel just as hard to beat, but on average there are many more ‘bad’ players in my experience.


I’m not all that great as a player but I enjoy shooting things, so I sent a request to join. What the heck.


Can’t get better without trying, also as long as you understand the objective you are already ahead of most randoms.


I recognize that this might just be common knowledge with BR games, but I’ve learned that often your best choice is to not engage. And because of TTK in this game, you should be falling back to heal if you aren’t sure you can win the fight. My game has improved greatly since doing that.


This is actually one of the aspects of TF2 which was a brilliant design decision on respawn’s part. The injection of npc grunts not only makes the battles more immersive, but it gives noob players something productive to do.

Even if you can’t kill another player yet, and are basically just a target, you are still able to participate and further the goals of the team, and eventually get in a Titan.

Just another example of Respawn nailing the game design


It took me more that few rounds to get into swing with this one, but I had a good time playing last night. I still like PUBG better just because it has real guns and a more realistic setting to it.

What I really like about this game is the movement and looting. Once I got the hang of it I’m flying through and getting loaded up. It’s like version 2.0 of COD looting.

The gunplay is decent, but after playing 8 billion hours of PUBG the low recoil on the weapons is kind of a bummer. That’s one of the big things that sorts out the good and bad players in that game. And it’s super satisfying to get good at it. In this game I can pretty much full auto anything without blinking an eye. Shrug…


That’s a pretty big difference between console and pc in Apex fwiw. Recoil on console is tricky to deal with compared to PC.


It could just be that I’m so used to it in PUBG… I had the same issue with COD where it just seemed so easy. I also have a mouse pad the size of Mexico which probably helps. ;)


Kind of impossible to have gunplay with large amounts of recoil when they allow so much mobility and movement for players. You’d never be able to hit anyone.


You may have a point there. That’s the hardest thing for me to get a hang of in COD and Apex. People are hopping and moving all over the darn place.

The one thing that I wish they would add or maybe I’m missing it is a separate setting for scope sensitivity. My ADS speed on the normal sites is fine, but on the larger scopes it’s pretty darn slow. For now I’ll likely have to bump the default speed up a bit. I compared my settings to Shrouds and I think mine are a bit too aggressive. He’s at 400 DPI with a setting of 3. I’m at 800 DPI with a 1.2 setting. I found I was overshooting my flicks so I kept on lowering it, but man the scopes are SLOOOOWWWW at that setting.


I played four games, and much to my surprise did not like this at all.

The tutorial area is totally inadequate, and the lack of solo play means the only way I could learn the game is by repeatedly ruining games for my randomly chosen team mates.

Disappointing people due to incompetence/lack of preparation is about the most stressful thing I can imagine, even if it’s total strangers in a fundamentally inconsequential activity.

I really wish they had a solo mode, or even the option to queue as solo into a squad game.


I wouldn’t worry about “ruining the game” for anybody. Matches appear to last somewhere between 8 and 11 minutes for people on average, and it’s incredibly quick to get out and into another one.


Oh yeah. I’ve yet to be joined with anyone who was toxic. A few just wandered off on their own, but pretty much everyone I’ve played with has been helpful to some extent. And I’m kinda horrible. I’ve got 1 kill, maybe 2 rezes, and probably a total of 2000 damage if I’m being generous. Plus if you add Qt3ers to your friends list you’ve got folks who you know won’t be jerks.


I knew last night was too good to be true. I was freaking terrible today. Just awful


Yeah, I only encountered someone earlier, a veteran player, who just moaned at @Mr.GRIM’s hot jump via text chat. It was pretty tame to be honest ‘terrible jump imbecile’, or something like that. Otherwise it’s been refreshingly civil or quiet.

By the way, the text to voice function is brilliant. I remember Sanctum had it and I thought it was a really great feature. Not tried it the other way round yet…