Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


All except for like 3 rounds I’ve played are randoms. I can’t really say I’ve had any issues and I don’t personally get upset if someone sucks at the game. It came out like a week ago…


Wait, it does text to voice? Other way around? DOES it have voice to text??


Dear Apex diary…

today was a fun day. One win. And some close matches. Last match was the best I think. I made a stupid jump decision (well, it actually happens far too often to call it an accident…); so 2 of us died. I should have been dead too. But the other guys were too busy shooting each other to kill the one who was running around without a gun. I somehow escaped. That was @geggis’s and my start as a team of two that made 2nd place in the end; …and of course it was close! We should have won. I liked that match a lot.


Game’s still growing on me. Happy to play with whomever might add me (Ritschier). On a sidenote: I was never that much into multiplayer (beyond the days of my youth, but there we had our lan partys; and later I have only played with close friends online) therefore I feel quite uncomfortable using a mic. Which is odd, I know. I bought a cheap headset yesterday and I’m trying to use it. My wife always smiling at me when I ‘speak to the computer’ doesn’t make it easier. And don’t forget my active (written and spoken) English isn’t the best. But I’m looking forward to play some more with the qt3-Apex-crowd.


Man, I’m the same way. I hate talking on a mic. Give me text chat any day. Didn’t stop us from having some decent matches the other day, though!


Well you’re doing just fine on the comms Ritschier, spoken or typed!


Man what a day. All my squad leaders keep dropping us into a confined space with other squads. I’ve been among the first 2-3 squads to die about 4-5 times in a row.

I think I’ll play some Borderlands 2 and reaffirm my manhood.


That what we called dropping school, because school was always hot in PUBG, but also because that’s how you learn to fight. The initial clusterfuck after the drop in these games is super fun, but it’s incredibly frustrating if you just run around without a weapon and die. You need to watch where the other squads are going and either beat them to the weapon spawns or peel off and go somewhere else at the end.

My squad has gotten pretty good at dropping onto the supply ship and securing it. I’d say we’re 50/50, and we usually have to wipe one squad and scare another one off. Having Caustic on the team helps a lot.


Well I came in second once. My team went down and disconnected before I could save them so I hid out for a while and then lost to a 2v1. It was my first time in the real late game and it’s amazing how much good crap you can loot off bodies towards the end.


In the limited time I’ve had to play, I’ve noticed a lot of rando squads I’m with love to dive into contested areas. They have zero patience. Inevitably, unless they’re really good players, we’re dead.

Battle Royale games reward avoiding conflict and being the ones that do the spotting, not being the spotted. That’s one thing I wish more players would grasp when they play this game type.


Avoiding conflict is good if you’re confident you can land the shots! I’m not at all so I prefer to drop hot, at least until I’m better. Long uneventful loops that end badly, and decisively, have been a lot more frustrating to me than the shorter action-packed loops where I can learn quicker. For what it’s worth, I tend to approach this more like the Battlefield games where placement and being undetected can make all the difference in most fights. Need to get better with the guns though first!


Today’s obersavtion: Too many people using too strong shotguns. What do you think?


The shotgun is the only way I can get a kill. No bullet drop and I only need to land like two shots.


Ironically I have much better luck with the SMGs and LMGs. Shotguns I always land a bunch of shots but they never go down.


Someone told me the Mozambique was the best weapon.



I think they were lying too you .


Seriously. I don’t know how you’d even pick up a large African nation, let alone use it as a weapon.


Plate tectonics, bro. Google it.


It does both.

I got my first win on PS4 on Tuesday, then got another win last night on PC, even though the performance on my computer seems to have gotten way worse since the newest patch went out. Not sure what’s going on there.