Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


I’ve been getting spammed by Epic, even after unsubscribing, to try and get me to play Fortnite again.

Also, folks have found out that you can apparently combine Gibraltar’s shield with Lifeline’s healing drone, and they click together and then you can push the shield dome.


Yep I got the email too, double xp weekends and a free season 8 battle pass if you complete season 7 challenges by the end of the month.

Apex Legends must have made a significant dent in the daily player numbers.


I’ve never played Fortnite and also got that email - followed by 3 emails from someone trying to recover their account (apparently tied to my email address) with no way to tell them “hey, this isn’t me”. Top notch as usual, Epic.




I’m so bad at this game. I don’t know why I’m so bad at it, but I get my face melted off in like two seconds. I enjoy the concept, but beyond frustrated with my lack of contribution.

I wish these games would somehow put players into tiers, so i could reliably play against folks of my same skill level. My FPS skills are so far gone at this point, I don’t think they are ever coming back.

The only exception to that might be Starsiege: Tribes, which while fast, wasn’t as twitch based. Also a game that is completely burned into my memory. Maybe someday they will make a Tribes Battle Royale :)


Make it so!


Maybe there is already too much ‘meta’ spread around that ‘not knowing’ might be a disadvantage? I read some RPS today, found it to be interesting and helpful, like https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/02/12/apex-legends-loadout-guide-best-weapon-combos-popular-loadouts-tips-and-tricks/ I mostly read them because I felt I was too often out-shotgun’d and didn’t know all the right counters.

What mouse settings are you using? I’m at 650dpi and using standard settings ingame.


I use 800dpi, and I think 3? for sensitivity in-game. I’ve tried using 400dpi (apparently good players use 400dpi/3), but the exaggerated movements I need to make to turn my camera is just too much for me. Nice for sniping, but that’s about it.


dont snipe in this game. you cant break shields fast enough. get shotgun and auto rifle and go in close and deep


There’s no general “correct” mouse settings. In other words, you should set it so that it feels like the other shooters you play:


If you’re going to snipe use the wingman.

The weapons need some tuning for sure. Sniping in FPSs in general is garbage. If it ever becomes viable, it’s bad because getting killed from across the map with no warning is anti-fun. I don’t know why people use sniper rifles in these games.


Because killing people from across the map is fun, duh.


Well that explains why I’m getting my ass kicked. Spoilers it might be partially my mouse sensitivity, but it mostly that I’m playing against super humans apparently.


There’s also some large latency in their netcode. They hide it quite well, but I’ve been instantly melted with the best armor from a single person in an impossible short time. So basically they had already been shooting me before my client communicated it. Add in various crap quality internet many people play on, and it can be pretty bad.

But it’s fast and fun mechanically and shortcomings aside it’s still fun. If they can iron out the technical problems and netcode it’ll be fantastic.

Latest netcode graph from the lovely Battle Nonsense:


Yeah, I don’t think there’s any skill based match making what-so-ever, unfortunately.



That was probably me he killed there


One of the best and worst games of Apex the yesterday. My team had survived multilple battles and we were now one of 3 teams left. We make it into the final circle and are immediately attacked by a 1 man sqaud. I kill the last member, but am shot by the last team. Down, but not out I crawl into a small room. my teammates rush in one heals me the other watches the door. One of the remaining 2 players opens the door and is blasted by all three of us. He dies. Leaving a crate on the otherside of the door…AND BLOCKING US FROM GETTING OUT! We died because we couldn’t get out of the room as the final barrier closed in and killed us. Hilarious and frustrating.


Most players dont know they can melee a door to break it and free themselves. Not sure if this would have helped in this situation, but it is good to know.
Another tip I have come across is that the large hitbox characters are ALOT easier to hit (Gibraltar, Caustic, Pathfinder) So if your dying fast, try a small hitbox character and get your juke on.


I’ve used this to fuck over someone who downed me once.

I got downed, crawled into a building, closed the door, and then just stood next to it. When you open doors, they always open away from you, so when he tried to open the door, it was blocked by me.

Some poor dude couldn’t figure out how to get inside to finish me off. Ran around the entire building to come in the other side, and by the time he got to me, my buddy had showed up, and killed him.