Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe



I expected asymmetrical battle royale to come alone well before this, honestly. I know Fortnite experimented with it as an Avengers tie-in.


I thought everyone said “Big Game” instead of Super Bowl because you had to pay someone to use that name? Does that mean Geoff Keighley has to pay the NFL for that tweet?



Just in case anyone is wondering why it’s called Apex Legends…

Given how Titanfall 2 ended, it actually might fit in the story in some small way.


Last game to use the valve engine.


Another BR game I won’t play!


I will likely give this a shot due to my respect for the work of Respawn and the DNA of Infinity Ward and how great the Titanfall games are. That said, BR isn’t really my thing so the gameplay is going to need to be amazing to keep me around for more than a few matches.

Like others above I also worry that Apex Legends doing poorly might torpedo the Titanfall IP in the future.

I also have near zero interest in Respawn’s Star Wars game since I have become utterly bored with Star Wars lately and how oversaturated Star Wars is in our culture.


I still occasionally fire up Call of Duty’s Blackout. I’ve never gotten a kill, but it’s still fun being on a really big map, wondering if it’s safe to run to the next building, or if you need to hide for longer before making your move.

Now combine that with the smart pistol and Titanfall’s pilot mobility, the idea is very appealing. I might even get a kill!


If they include that one-shot lock-on gun from the other two games, I might have a chance of actually getting into, I don’t know, the top 95 BR players for the first time.


So far the livestream looks like stock footage from 3DMark.


Ooh, now a Titan pilot just bleeped in and out. Without his Titan of course


So it looks like, if it keeps up at the same pace, a 1 second clip for the game will bleep in every 7 minutes. There are 45,000 viewers watching in-game grass grow.

So far we’ve seen:

A stealthed Pilot phasing in and out.
A sniper head-shotting another Pilot.
One pilot hovering over another dead pilot and laying a rifle across the dead guy’s body.
A pilot releasing a crow into the air.

Now there’s a quote and a countdown timer to main reveal, aaaand, new map scene. Military encampment.

Noon is a bit too far away to tease stuff this way.

Time to eat brekkie and watch Eureka with my wife.


Side note, seeing these initials being bandied about all over the place is really funny/confusing.


For the record, the OG Brian Rubin really IS my thing! :-)


They glimpsed a pilot and she wasn’t wearing a helm. Pilots look better all sealed up.

The player models look like Pixar characters.


This is not inspiring confidence.


Can they really be called pilots if there is no piloting to be done?


I was thinking about this yesterday during the Super Bowl, actually. They would call out for commentary from Coach Cowher, but I was thinking - he’s not a coach though, at least not at the moment. He was up until recently, and he very well could be again, but right now he’s just some guy talking about football on TV. But I guess Coach is kind of an honorific, and maybe ‘pilot’ is too.