Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Man, I’ve been trying with this game, but I think I’ve finally reached it: I’m too old for this shit.

People can pick me off when I’m hiding underwater under a house, and I can’t even pick them out of the background when they’re within 20 yards.


I just read a guide today from this Reddit post that talks about hitboxes

Go figure that I usually play as Gibraltar. Will switch back to Bangalore.

I also haven’t fiddled with my mouse settings, so will personally try to mess with those to see if I can find something that will help me out.

Also I am going to try his advice to ‘stare at the head’ when engaging an enemy. See if that helps get me more focused.


This was my biggest problem with the game, and the reason I uninstalled.


I mentioned upthread, but it would be wonderful to get some more advanced matchmaking. Put people into tiers and let them battle it out. Surely there is enough data to figure it out, whether it is k/game time, wins/ game time… something like that. I suppose they don’t want to fragment the playerbase, but I would personally get much more enjoyment out of the game.

I am a beer league hockey player, and they don’t just lump everyone together. They have beginner, intermediate, and advanced leagues, as well as over 30 and over 50 leagues. Yeah, every once in awhile a ringer sneaks into the lower leagues, but it usually isn’t that bad to deal with.


It’d be good if they tried something.

I’m sure most of their players are between 12-25 (aka the peak reaction time years). But there’s a reason that people over 35 don’t tend to play these games in large numbers. It’s because we can’t really compete.


Well, I will have you know that if I had been playing against you, I would have run right by without seeing you. You would have then popped out to shoot me, and missed. I would turn around, and you and would exchange fire through multiple clips of ammunition as we circled and fired, circled and fire. The fight would be quickly concluded when a third squad wandered down to the fight and offed us both in 3 seconds with clean shots to the head from a Wingman or Peacekeeper.

Damage dealt that round? 60


LOL. This sounds almost exactly like every match I’ve played so far, either as the hider or hidee. Half the time it’s not even clear to me how I died.


I always play as Gibraltar so… that might explain why I die so quickly. I find both his abilities useful though.


Had some great games with GingerTurtle today. We were wiping squads and getting to the final 4 on a consistent basis, wich felt good. Having a competent third seemed to be the difference between an early exit and a multi kill, long game.
I really like this game. The scout is becoming my go to weapon due to its versatility.


Despite Gibraltar’s larger hitbox, I refuse to stop playing him. Love that voice actor. And I’m going to die anyway.



So, I swapped to Bangalore tonight, and the hitbox stuff is true. I lasted a lot longer in gunfights… but most notably we got hot-dropped on another squad. They were all armed, only ones of our guys found a gun. Still, i was able to get in close and punch two of their folks to death, and they couldn’t seem to get a read on me at that close range.

As for that image. I watched some of that guys streams today… and I don’t know why the developers of these games think it is fun for some guy who can play for 3 hours a week to join a game with someone who literally plays for 18 hours a day


Is there a list of everyone in this thread’s origin IDs? Tired of 0 communication strangers.


try bloodhound. his ult highlights people


Not that I disagree with you, but even if you or I played the same amount he’d likely still kill us. The style of the game plays to his natural strength and he’s a former Csgo pro player.


They really gotta fix those hit boxes.


40 year old checking in. I won 3 games over the weekend, and finished top 5 many times.

90% of these games is positioning and choosing when to engage. Sometimes you get jumped and it comes down to a twitch reaction, but if you learn to move around and take advantage of cover in a fight you’ll do way better.

Don’t go into a fight at a disadvantage if you can help it. Don’t try to be like the pro streamers that play 8 hours a day every day and powerslide into a room to headshot 2 guys with the Wingman. You can’t do that. Play smarter.

Try a headset if you don’t have one. You can detect people by sound in this game and it’s super helpful. You can set up an ambush with it.

Also, try playing on console, it’s easier for old people. The sticks are inherently less accurate, and it gives you a fighting chance if you don’t get the first shot off.


Ya, maybe you nubs need to git gud.


I mean it can’t hurt.


I’m 47 now and I’ve won two games on PS4 so far. It’s harder to win on PC in my opinion. I was kill leader in one of those, too.

RE: Close range combat, stop ADSing. Most guns are really good with a hip fire and that’s way faster at close range to put a bullet in someone, especially with a shotgun. If you’re taking the time to ADS, you’ve already taken a blast.