Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


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To add to that - I’ve found it is okay to simply hold down left click and spray automatic fire. At this point it has become so ingrained to utilize burst fire that I have difficulty just letting the SMGs, ARs and LMGs do their full auto thing. It took me a while to learn to stop worrying and love the auto.


Yep. That’s especially true if you’ve picked up the attachments for stabilization. You will shoot in a straight line at full auto and melt people, especially if your teammates are focusing fire.

Staying together is the way to win in Apex. You really shouldn’t be in 1 v 2s and 1 v 3s. That’s the way to lose. Try to move as a group and use the callouts to be shooting the same targets.



Inaccurate, what really happens is you find 3 Mozambiques.


I’ve had really good luck NOT dropping into hot areas at the beginning. I get that it’s more hectic and maybe more fun, but being able to fully loot an area and get the squad fairly well-kitted without competition or danger sets us up SO much better for the mid-game, where we usually take out one other squad, cannibalize their gear, and then be in a good spot for the endgame.

I agree that positioning is key. We’ve won fights we shouldn’t have just by getting a good flank.


I’ve come to appreciate the hot drop when playing with randoms as it gives you an early idea of the type of players they are.


Fun stories aren’t unique to Apex – the genre as a whole is pretty good for it – but I have one from yesterday.

We aimed to drop somewhere remote but realized right away that three other squads were also headed there. So we change course and start heading for the tall building that overlooks one of the water shanty towns. You know the one – it’s got a zip line that goes up to it and a respawner right behind it. Anyway, we realize as we land that one other squad landed with us, and all six of us ALSO collectively realize that there’s only one single gun in the building.

Thus starts a six-person brawl, with all of us frantically punching each other. Someone from the other squad got the gun, so I went down early, but I got a hit in and my teammates finished him off. They took out the second guy while I was respawning. As soon as I came back, the third guy runs back in. I basically land on top of him without any equipment, so I panic and immediately start punching. Two hits and he’s dead.

Over chat: “Did you just punch that guy to death to eliminate that squad?”


haha… I chunkle. I give this gif 4 mozabiques out of 5.


Hmm didn’t see it. I’ll check when I get home.


Ok, last night I had two good experiences:

  1. All I could find was a mozambique, but was actually able to kill two people with it. Holy shit that gun is so bad, especially considering that it was actually a 1 or at worst 2 shot kill in Titanfall 2. It was not a bad gun in TF2.

  2. I found a P2020… holy shit, another terrible gun. I’m running all over, in a hot zone, where I know that enemies are also running around. I’m finding everything but guns. Oh, also no ammo, so I only have the 10 rounds in the P2020. I finally find another gun. IT IS ANOTHER P2020.

So I’m running around with no armor, and two P2020’s, with no reserve ammo.

I turn a corner and there’s a wraith there. I’m just like, “Screw this, let’s just end it.” and I unload the P2020 on their face. They die, and I loot them… they had EVERYTHING. So then I’m totally kitted out with purple armor, a flatline, a longbow… I then murdered the rest of their team, and rezzed the other two guys in mine.


I’ve just watched a kid on Twitch that I briefly saw on youtube a few years ago because of some drama he was involved with. Totally unrelated. I didn’t know he started streaming, or even that he was a “gamer”.

Well, this kid ONLY plays in random groups, averaging 15-20 kills every match and essentially winning on his own. This while reading and answering the chat on a second screen with all the calm in the world. 10-12 hours a day.

I don’t even.


we have never seen the skill distribution of gamers, but I bet a 20% of gamers are 10 to 100 times better than the “normal” gamer


Welcome to being old.


Getting carried to the chicken dinner is the only way many of use ever get to eat in these games. But you bet I’m gonna keep pinging those enemies after I go down to contribute best I can.


Twitch Prime users can get a purple skin for Pathfinder and 5 loot boxes.


Also note that if you play on multiple platforms (Like PC and Xbox), the loot only goes to the platform you log in to first after claiming.



Kids these days.


Man, crashed when we were in the last two squads. No match rejoin? Even shitty PUBG has that, come on.