Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe



I crashed when a grenade detonated while I was reviving a teammate. Really annoying. We were doing well. Even I got a kill.



ok… played up to level 5. maybe about 90min or so. this is not the game for me. For those that feel that it’s a kinda combo between PUBG and Overwatch - I can sorta see it - A lot of streamers feel it is a streamlined PUBG. I still find it crazy twitchy, incredibly hard to see shit at a distance, and unless you have a dedicated team of competent people it’s a total crapshoot. out of the 10 or so games, I’ve only had 1 other teammate talk. As a brand new player I would have expected to be matched up with equally skilled players… nope… in matches with people with 100’s of kills, that obliterate me.

yeah… k… no thanks. I’ll go back to an “old man game” ™

(I have more fun in Fortnite)


Tried to install this today and it turns out that it won’t start due to my cpu not meeting minimum specs. In 30 years of gaming, I’ve often had a slow cpu that made games unplayable, but this is the first time that the game said ‘now hold on there, I’m not even going to try.’ It’s odd, because it plays everything else pretty decently, but it doesn’t have SSE3 or some such thing. Guess it’s finally time to set up a new desktop box. Was a good run - 10 years or so with a hard drive upgrade or three.


I have improved to moderately bad at the game, rather than awful. Have a good sense of what guns work for me (things w full auto and shotguns) and have developed an affinity for certain guns (Live the Devotion).

Been practicing my tracking a flick shots and have improved in that area as well. Can reliably at least do damage, even if I can’t quite finish people off all the time.

Enjoying the community mostly as well, although today I had one guy curse me out for picking HIS Bangalore and he promptly quit.

How often do BR games release all new maps? How many maps does PUBG and Fortnite have?


As a friendly player, I point out Mozambiques to my teammates constantly.

how the heck do you use the havoc? It seems terrible.


You won’t get a new map anytime soon. They might do what Fortnite did and alter areas, but these games are not about new maps. Don’t expect it.

I got my third win tonight. Good team, but We had a total of 13 kills and I had three of them. The best was a long range grenade. Those things are deadly.


I love the ninja star grenades. Gotten a few people with those.


Apex fight club


They should be. New maps are better than anything else these BR games throw at you.

To answer the question, all the BRs have only one map, except Ring of Elysium which has two, and PUBG which has four.


So, I found the specific match of that kid that I said was averaging 15-20 kills every match while playing with random strangers (and today I briefly watched again, he lost one match while taking full teams on his own, then the next match he finished with 25 kills…).

The 20 kills match I’ve seen starts precisely at 5 hours 40 minutes and ends at 6 hours, I could find it again because he was eating something just before. He had 6965 kills, 4340 headshots and 1.380.000 damage done. Grouping with two randos, one with 38 and the other with 34 kills total…

(and I stress how this is weird for me since this kid was a bit famous a few years ago because he was part of an emo boy band…)

Turns out he’s #1 WORLDWIDE on killcount (I didn’t even notice the stream title the first time), that’s why he streams basically full time. I just can’t explain how he can play 10-12 hours a day if not more, being so laid-back and relaxed, answering the chat, WHILE killing everything on sight better than an aimbot.

I think it’s a new species.

But then you see this, and …WTF IS THAT:

(from 3 hours 48 minutes, the very last match, he gets faster after the beginning)

Whether it’s Apex Legends or Tetris I’m pretty sure there are some human beings that are now developing super powers.


Damn dude, save some ladies for the rest of us.


I’m sure many of use would be different had we grown up with the level of gaming now available. 44 here and I still win close to 20% of the time on console, but definitely can’t compete with quicker reflexes. It’s mostly about outplaying tactically.

That kid is pretty frighteningly good.


Play some Tetris 99 and get wiped out by old ladies who have only played Tetris for the last 30 years and you’ll understand that there were people with massive skill similar to that guy many moons ago. They just didn’t play shooters.


YouTube murdered that, because Nintendo.

I saw a clip on Twitch where a guy took a T-block from the top all the way to the bottom through a channel that was exactly big enough for a T-block by rotating it perfectly. It was insanity.


I remember when this comic strip was a joke…



That’s a comic panel, not a strip of panels.



Whenever someone is more pedantic than Dave, an angel gets its wings.