Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Yep, that’s BR for you.


yea, but thats a easy problem to solve, I guess. I wonder why is a problem here?.


Yeah, I honestly don’t get the obsession with this mode. Played Apex for a bit, seems like it could be fun if you’re the BR type but it did absolutely nothing for me.


If you don’t like chocolate cake, why would you order a black forest cake?


Because I like chocolate cake, damnit!


Battle royales are chocolate cake here, Apex Legends is just the cherry filling.


Ok I lied. I only went for it because the cake was free.


There it is. Don’t you feel better, having unburdened yourself?


Can they make this TDM? Kind of burnt out on the BR thing.

God, now I just want to play some Titanfall 2 MP.


It’s not for me, but I wonder why they didn’t include Titans in this Titanfall game?


No mechs???


Yep. No titans, double jumping, or wall running.


EA saw Fortnite making money and forced Respawn to do it.


Sure, but they could’ve had the first BR game with big stomping robots in it, it certainly would’ve made it look different, making it a bit less of a me too game…


I installed this remotely on my Xbox but I am leaning towards just deleting the install before even bothering to try it when I get home.


Fortnite doesn’t have giant robots. This is just an ill-fated EA money-grab.


Weird hearing that song after playing so much Beat Saber.


What I saw:

-It’s fairly polished for a first release of a F2P game. Stable framerate, good movement, controls and weapons feedback.
-There are classes (or characters) with a passive, active and ultimate.
-The game is focused on squad play. There is no solo queue, you can revive your teams when they are down, and even make them respawn if they are dead, if you take their card from the ground before it’s looted and use a special item in the map.
-Continuing with the idea of squad play, the at least made an effort of helping to have teamwork, with a smart ping feature, you can mark enemies, interesting places, and your teammates can ‘accept’ the pings to make them permanent.
-There are some options for movement, like ropes to go up and down, and one thing that made you fly like at the start.
-All the things typical of Pubg (no idea how it works in Fortnite) : 2 weapons, weapon accessories, grenades, armor, consumable items. One of the items made you recover your ‘shield’, that is a second hp bar you have.

So the thing is a mix of
-CoD/Titanfall in core gameplay.
-First person shooter like Blackout or Pubg but unlike those, F2P like Fortnite and Realm Royale. It’s silly, but F2P FPS BR is a possible gap in the market there is right now, just for this it could be big enough to maintain itself.
-Character classes and abilities like Realm Royale, actually it’s more like the alpha of Realm Royale with defined characters (so, like Overwatch)
-Also a bit like Realm Royale in how they try to make deaths less definitive (in RR you turn into a chicken that can recover itself, here you can be revived by teammates) or make action happen in specific points (where you can respawn your friends, the Forge in RR).


I tried one game and liked it. I’ll go back when I can browbeat a couple friends into installing it. Doesn’t feel much like Fortnite to me, controls-wise. I hated how floaty that game was/is, ugh. Not quite PUBG; I’d say CoD Blackout is close to the mark for feel. Overwatch another touchstone for sure with the characters/powers.



Yep sadly this is what we got instead of Titanfall 3.