Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


This was a weirdly missing thing in the Anthem Demo - they enforced public freeplay, but you could seldom find the other people, let alone help or get help.


So there’s no viable way to solo play through Anthem like ye olde Bioware games.


I don’t know about that. It seemed more like a bit of UI was not done yet.


You can, you just set your session to private and poof, you’re solo.


This is quite funny. The guns are all amazing, the movement is solid, all the gameplay and the map itself seem really well designed all around.

This is probably the first Battle Royale game with a competent tech side. All the others ran on crappy engines.

…But. All its weaknesses come from being free to play. The characters design are atrocious, the goofy animations and voice lines are terrible. All the cosmetics are WAY WORSE than the default skins or a neuter color.

Essentially, all that they are actually selling is CRAP. There’s right now in the shop a gun model with a dragon wrapped around it and it’s one of the worst looking weapon I’ve ever seen. It’s gross. All those cosmetics make good looking, well designed weapons turn into total shit. Why should I desire to spend money to make everything look WORSE?

If you remove all that F2P stuff it’s actually a pretty good game. The business model is the single thing that runs counter to what the game should be.


Giant Bomb is extremely positive on it. I watched most of their video here:

Lots of really smart ideas.


Only tinkered with it for about 20 min before I got capped. But this is my first main problem. Why go so Fortnite/Overwatch with it? Skins can sell for more ‘realistic’ things. Or at least on the more realistic side than they’re going for.

That said, the gameplay seemed fine and it ran pretty smooth (PC). But the differentiation between the guns on the ground is non-existent. At least at this point I have no idea what I’m grabbing/dropping/seeing. In FN I may not know exactly what a gun does, but it is much more obvious what kind of weapon it is. All the rifle-type guns in AL look the same.


I think there are UI options, they should even be color coded.


Ok, that would help. Like I said, I’ve really only just logged in for a few rounds.

You know what else would help? Not having your jackhole squadies who already grabbed a couple of weapons grab the first one you found as well. My last two rounds ended when I couldn’t find a damned weapon before a firefight while my squadies had at least two a piece. Sumbitch!


Jackhole squaddies ruin literally every multiplayer game, though.


I’m far from a BR pro but of all the ones I’ve played this one seems to have the fewest weapons. Maybe it’s just because you’re immediatly fighting with your squad for a drop but it’s frustrating to say the least.


Is that including or excluding Black Ops 4?


So my only experience so far with Battle Royale has been Geneshift and Super Animal Royale, which were really fast and fun.

I just did one Apex match and it just went on and on FOREVER. Is this typical of more traditional Battle Royale games?


Yes the fun never ends


I watched 2 hours today of a stream, and it seemed ridiculously fast paced for a large BR. pubg matches are very slow in comparison.

this game looks really neat because of the beacon respawn thing. its so lame in other brs to have your friends die because then your just there alone. i usually exit out into a new game. this is such a good idea.


Ugh, yeah I might be done. That just felt like a slooooooog. Geneshift is far more my speed, and far more fun.


Even with my PUG issues I think this at least offers something new to the formula. 3 players isn’t a ridiculous number to try and form a decent pug with. And having it that small means you can kind of go solo if you need to I’m guessing. Too bad the aesthetics are what they are and didn’t stay true to Titanfall.


Yeah I always have to be in the mood to slog through a BR session



I’d love to love loving this lovely game, but I have no BR experience and I don’t know if a forced co-op game is the place to learn. The game feels great, but I’m just not into the scavenger hunt portion of the game either. I’m jealous of the people who find the game to be a good fit for them, but I think I’ll be moving on from it.

Glad I tried it before jumping into a Founder’s pack. Good luck Respawn, I want you to succeed.