Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Ok, you know what?

I hate fortnite. Hate it. I’ve tried a few times to play it. But i hate it.

I do not hate Apex legends.

It’s… Not bad. It’s basically TF2 gameplay mechanics turned into a class based battle royale thing. Like, all the skills and weapons and equipment from TF2, assigned to fixed characters, so essentially TF2 without the ability to customize classes.

But the gameplay in terms of shooting and stuff? Not bad.

Much slower than TF2. No wall running, sadly. You can’t as easily launch yourself with the grappling hook that one character has.

But it’s worth checking out… It’s free. I’ll probably play it for the next two weeks until anthem comes out.

Oh, also, getting into new matches is way fast, so there’s basically zero downtime.


Apparently there are no mechs because Titanfall multiplayer was trash?

"I love Titanfall and Titanfall 2, I’m incredibly proud of especially Titanfall 2, but that’s a very common Titanfall feeling in multiplayer: 'Oh, someone was 300 feet in the air and they just snipered me in the head as they were flying over. They’re having a great time and I’m just like, ‘I guess I shouldn’t be under people who are flying.’ There was really a lack of learnability to those mechanics from a combat standpoint. So that’s where a lot of this stuff came from, was trying to make a game that felt learnable and strategic.



I mean, i can understand that Titanfall may have been hard to learn. You die a LOT when you first play.

It was a pretty technically complex shooter.


Well that’s what the producer is implying there… :)


BO4 barely qualifies. It’s mostly okay. But I think it’s been a while since CoD had a good engine on PC.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense having that kind of movement in a Battle Royale. The actual space needs to matter.

It the same reason why in Warframe the whole level is basically pointless, and it’s instead much more the focus in Destiny. The fact you can fly all over the place makes the gaming space irrelevant. It’s a race, it makes everything blurry and meaningless. There’s a group of enemies between you and your objective? Who cares, you just run across and leave them behind. There’s no actual control of progression, you are always, almost immediately, where you want to be. You fight only the stuff you want to fight.

Anthem will have the same problem.

In a Battle Royale it is even worse because you are slowly moving toward a progressive convergence, there’s an initial part of exploration and looting. If you let people fly and jump all over the place then all this strategic progression through the map is gone. You go from one corner to the other, loot everything at once and always have your favorite weapon without any adaptation or novelty. You would remove most of the gameplay hooks a Battle Royale is built on.

This one is fast paced, so it’s more eventful than PUBG, but not so fast to turn it into meaningless.


I think it’s not that Titanfall was bad… It’s that it’s such a fast, technical game that maybe it wasn’t accessible enough for a free to play battle royale game.

I remember when i first learned how to use the grapple to launch myself across the map.


That was a great observation of Warframe, HRose. One of the reason I never liked it, despite digging their unique art style.


Forcing you to play with randoms ensures that I will never even try it. Or are they planning a solo mode?


I haven’t seen any word about solo (my preferred style of play), but because there’s classes I’m not sure a solo mode would work in a competitive sense unless everybody was forced to play soldier or something. There has got to be big balance differences on a 1 to 1 scale.


Ring of Elysium says hi. Though, like with PUBG, the TPP mode is for some reason way more popular than FPP.


I still don’t get why they couldn’t give the last x players a Titan to end the match.


This game feels very well put together. I do find myself trying to double-jump and wall-run constantly though, but as far as I’m concerned there’s no real jank at all. I could do without the snipers, but I’ve been saying that since Starsiege: Tribes.

It’s ridiculous to think a game deserves to succeed compared to any other honest attempt, but this one feels like an actual functioning game compared to Anthem or Fallout 76. I’d live to see it take off beyond niche players, even if I don’t think I’ll ever be any good at it.


these aren’t even pilots at all fwiw


I have a difficult time telling friend from foe. I run over to rez an ally, see my teammate already standing over the body, I crouch to keep a lookout, my teammate turns and blows me away, because he wasn’t my teammate and I’m an idiot.

I need bigger, bolder friend/foe indicators.



My personal dialog is something like “Ok, the goth chick and the funny robot are my friends, lets kill bad guys”.

* some time later in this game *

“Why is the chick shooting at me?, maybe is tryiing to tell me something” “Oh god, she is stabbing me in the face!”.


Your teammates have names displayed on the hud, how do you not see that?


It’s definitely easy to miss them depending on the background.


I think that too might have some UI options.


You may not be able to run along walls, which is fine because that’s dumb, but you can run a short way up walls to make it to places that don’t look like you should be able to, just from jumping.