Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe




This is ok, maybe decent but I need to spend more time.

Going into it with the framework and expectations of Titanfall while having played 100+ hours of Dying Light just before this the movement felt stunted and limiting. I wanted to effortlessly vault over walls and obstacles not vigorously hump the wall while trying to clamber over the thing.


If you want titanfall mobility, Pathfinder may be the best bet for a character.

Without wall running and double jump, it’s of course harder… but his grapple DOES let you do some stuff I think. But the problem is that I kind of forget how to grapple fly, so I’m not sure if the grapple is inherently more limited, or if I just forget how to do it.

However, I have been able to use it to kind of launch myself a few times. Not quite the same as TF2, but there may be something there that I could leverage with more practice.


Thank you for noticing.


Decided to give it a try and as I suspected playing with randoms is absolutely the worst. They’re just running all over the place getting themselves killed. Sigh.

Also, I don’t think I’ll play more without the Bloodhound character being toned down, as its abilities are pure bullshit. I think I was only killed by someone playing him, because how the fuck are you going to beat someone who knows where you are but you don’t know where he is? It was also always the first character to be picked every fucking time (because why the hell would you pick someone else), which meant I of course in my 4 tries never got to play him myself.

Besides the hero characters, it basically plays just like Blackout with a few minor tweaks, which means it has a long TTK and weapons without any recoil what-so-ever. My guess is that people who enjoyed Blackout will enjoy this, but the longevity will be based on how much they’ll be able to update the game and balance the heroes. Blackout faded after a couple of months, so it will be interesting to see how this fares. But regardless of what I think, here’s to Respawn having some success and that they’ll be able to make TF3 some day.


I would pay a premium price for a battle royale mode that is just me with 99 bots. I know that would be extremely difficult to code and develop AI for but it is still a dream.

I was hoping that COD’s Blackout would have an offline bots mode since Treyarch do an excellent job coding AI bots for the normal multiplayer modes and is my preferred way to play for the rare times I dip into COD at this point in my life.

That said I know most people dont want this or care.


The new aesthetic for Titanfall is gross. Thanks, Fortnite.


The character art is the worst part of the game, yeah.


leaps in Geneshift has awesome bots! leaps out


Thank you for mentioning this good sir! That game wasn’t on my radar at all but i need to check it out now. I’m quite excited.


Oh god, it’s so amazing. Seriously, it’s so fun. Single-player/co-op campaign, multiple multiplayer modes, persistent character building, fast battle royale mode, all in a game that’s reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto 2 (i.e. the best one). Currently on sale too.

Here’s a stream we did with the dev when he was just getting the BR mode up and running!

K, I’m done, y’all can go back to Apex Legends now. ;)


I could live with that first thing (some of the titan-less MP modes were fun) but you lost me on the last 2.

Wake me up when wall running and double jumps are back in.


So this is my first BR experience and I won. I should quit now.

"I’ve never lost a battle royale!"
- geggis, 05/02/2019.

Anyway, I did a grand total of 80~ damage and died twice. My team carried me, obv, and they were communicative, cooperative and helpful, which was great. I grappling hooked the final player as she blinked into existence (total flook) and punched her in the face but… this isn’t Titanfall 2 so it didn’t kill her. That would have been so cool but, alas, she outgunned me.

Good first impressions, although I’m not sure about the scavenging that’s a key ingredient of battle royale. Feels a bit tedious and… messy? The character designs don’t work for me either, particularly after Evolve’s (Pathfinder is a shadow of EMET). The grappling hook definitely feels more limiting but I think it’ll just take some adjusting to. Guns feel as good as ever, though I’ll miss the L-Star, my baby. Keen to play more.


I’m a little confused. I haven’t tried Apex Legends yet, and the only battle royale game I have tried was PUBG, which I thought was kind of ok but not really habit forming. So anyway, when I think of how battle royale games work, I think of them being like PUBG, kind of a last man standing game - to win, you have to defeat every other player in the session. I understand that Apex Legends is squad based, so I guess as long as your team is the last team standing, then you win? Collectively? You don’t have to be the sole surviving player, I mean.


That’s right - you keep going until there’s only one squad left. That squad can be just one person by that point though.

Most, (all?) of the BRs have that solo/pair/squad mode option.

So far I like this, but it isn’t amazing… I’m having a good time but it isn’t going to force its way into daily rotation.


I also won a game. On the PS4 we are 0.4 % of the players (a bit more).

But I am atrocious in this game. I shot people and don’t die, but when they shot me I die instantly.


PUBG works that way in Duo/Squad mode, too.

Although I do kind of wish it made you turn on your squadmates at the end, would be pretty hilarious.



Bioware could learn a thing or two of how to launch a multiplayer game smoothly. Stable servers, good netcode, no crashes…


Wow, tons of people trying out a free game on day 1, that means a lot.