Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe


Not being a Steam exclusive is killing it.


I played on Xbox last night.

Tonight I have been putting in more time on PC. I vastly prefer how this game handles on PC with M+KB despite the higher skill ceiling.

One thing I noticed tonight is that teammates are bailing nearly every match. I rarely hit the ground with a full 3-person team. Almost every match at least one person quits out before jumping from dropship so I have been playing with 2 person teams.

Everyone wants to play Wraith. The one match I got to pick a legend first I picked Wraith and both of my teammates left the server immediately, even before picking a legend. I have not dropped with a full 3-person team all night.

Respawn needs to address this. Maybe with timers that delay joining another match.

I really hope Respawn puts in a solo mode. I would be 10 times more likely to continue playing if I didn’t have to deal with aholes leaving the sever before match start or screaming gibberish into the mic in a way that I can barely understand.


Another note.

The character designs and attitude seem plucked straight out of Boss Key’s Lawbreakers.


A sigh of relief


Don’t be relieved yet. They said it will be a “twist” on Titanfall. That may not bode well for people that liked what Titanfall 2 did.


This a thousand times.




I’ve actually been surprised how well many of my random teammates work together. In general, people follow waypoints, and point out weapons and ammo. I almost wish there was a way to queue again with a team (let me know if there is!). However, I have run across some idiots who just sprint ahead of the group and don’t wait for everyone to finish looting.

So far, been having a blast with the game. Its like Fortnite without the stupid building. Really wish the tutorial would have run down all the icons on the hud, especially for the weapon types. Nothing worse than charging into a close-combat fight with a semi-auto gun that you thought was auto. Also, the mini SMG and shotguns look just like pistols, which confused me at first.


Games good, played a couple matches… its better than Blackout… guns feel meatier plus the TF2 abilities is cool. But I’m too old for these games, but I hope it succeeds because Titanfall2 was pretty good! Needs 1v1 mode too.


It isn’t going to be Titanfall 3, you know. They are busy with the Star Wars game, this game, from here to end of year they aren’t going to make a new Titanfall entry.


Just a FYI game comes with extra software “EasyAntiCheat” spyware as a windows service, yet there is no mention about it in the installation blurb where you accept to install additions such as DirectX/MSVisualC++ redists etc.


It’s an online game that has been released for pc. Do you really think someone is going to release an online game without anticheat system?

That one is used in tons of games



Sorry for being out of the loop. Why is it objectionable to have an anticheat system in an online game?


It’s not a big deal for most people, but @instant0 has a few bugaboos and this is one of them.

There was a fight over such anti-cheat programs 10 years or so because they tend to scan memory and things like that in order to find cheats, and there are potential security concerns with allowing software to do that. Since there haven’t been major issues in practice most people don’t care, for others the war is never over!


I just played a match and my team came in #1 and won the match. And by “my team” I mean the one guy on my team that rezzed me and the other guy three times, killed 9 enemies compared to the 0/0 kills me and the other guy got, and carried us the entire way to victory.

Fuck yea, co-op.


Solution, play on a console.


After my post above I had a more even experience playing a few more rounds into the evening. Finally I had several rounds where no one quit early and honestly tried to help each other. Even had a few matches where we came in the top 2-3 squads.

The waypoint/marking/ping system is one of the best I have ever seen. One can effectively use it without ever needing to use mics and do quite well as a team.

One’s experience is drastically impacted by the skill and experience of other team members.

I’m actually quite keen on Apex Legends but I’m not sure how long I will stick with it long term. I would’ve much preferred Titanfall 3 but this is quite competent.

I don’t see it pulling players from Fortnite or PUBG but maybe from Blackout and other arcadey newcomers.


Agreed. It’s not a competitor to Fortnite or PUBG for sure. It very much plays like Blackout in terms of movement and shooting, and even the environment appearance is close. (Seriously these building interiors could be copy pasted into either game and you’d never know.) It’s a good F2P option for Blackout.


Played a fair bit last night, there are a couple of things that bothered me.

  1. It’s very “busy” visually. One of the reasons that fortnite works, is because of the simplicity and cartoon nature of the game. It’s very similar to WoW in that way, there isn’t a bunch of ‘stuff’ competing for your attention visually.

  2. I absolutely hate the loot/supply/equip portion of the game, from top to bottom. Having to stop, look, and think about what type of ammo I need to bother to pick up is especially annoying. It’s just the antithesis of what I want to be doing in a fast paced shooter. I’m sure this would get easier with practice, but right now it’s a serious buzz kill.

The shooting is ok, the movement is ok, the game plays fairly well, but the things that bug me about it are fairly serious to me.


Unless they break down the numbers by platforms and convince me otherwise, I’m certain most people are playing on consoles.