I bought my So Clean on the advise of my respiratory specialist because I was often waking up with chest congestion. He felt that I was not cleaning my cpap accessories enough and felt that may help alleviate the problem. It has. I have asthma as well, so that may have factored into it. Regardless, my purchase was made on the advice of a highly trained medical professional and not because of some “bullshit” advertising campaign. Maybe it is bullshit, I’m not a medical professional, so all I can go on is the advice of my doctor and personal experience. But still, I do know it has worked well for me.
Disclaimer: I purchased my So Clean through the internet and not through my physician, so he did not get a kick back for his advice, in case you were wondering about his motivations.


Well, if your Doctor said it would help, I would listen to them. I am sure if my doctor said I should get one, I would too.

Unless you have some sort of respiratory condition or have some concern over your breathing, I don’t think you need one, but obviously if your Doctor recommends it, probably should do that.


I have a SoClean. I am a fat, lazy bastard who never cleaned his mask and/or machine, and am therefore the target market for this overpriced device.

I do quite like the ozone smell. It smells of “clean.” It’s completely automated, so it’s so easy to use, you really just have to drop the mask into the chamber and close the lid.

On the negative side, my dog goes crazy every day at 2:00 p.m. when the cycle starts. It’s VERY LOUD. Plus, my mask (Respironics Dreamwear) is susceptible to yellowing from the ozone treatments. Apparently, this is a “cosmetic-only” side effect of using SoClean, and something they don’t mention anywhere in their marketing communications. It doesn’t appear to be negatively affecting the performance of the mask, but it does look kinda gross. Which is an odd side effect from a device which is supposed to be cleaning, y’know.

All in all, I don’t know that it’s worth CAD$400, when dish soap would do the trick just as well, but my laziness knows no bounds.


I think it is awesome it has helped you. I meant no offense. I still have a very difficult time believing an otherwise healthy patient would become ill without gross negligence, but as you noted, the CPAP wasn’t the only factor at work here. Maybe it’s a worthwhile purchase for patients with other respiratory risk factors, like asthma.


For the first time in over two years, I somehow managed to pull my mask off and sleep for 6 hours without it. And I woke up feeling like a mack truck had run me over. Just got home from work and I’m exhausted, absolutely dead to the world. Unreal the impact apnea has on the body.


Health News is full face transplants, stem cell research, genetic manipulation and brain surgery, but the ability to simply rest well is pretty remarkable for the millions of people who would otherwise struggle with it.


The biggest problem is when you start feeling good with the CPAP, and then think I do not need it anymore. Because you foregt what it was like before you wore on it. You find out, oh yeah I really need that machine don’t I?


I used to wake up choking several times each night due to closed or pinched off airways. Had some sleep studies, but they were inconclusive. Weird thing is it hasn’t happened in a year or two or more (I haven’t kept track). Can this issue go away on its own? Only thing I can think of is I have been trying out several different pillows at night. I dunno. :shrug: Only thing that wakes me up now is the alarm or the dog telling me she needs to pee.


I would think that losing weight may help with the problem (if it was a big contributor in the first place). Though there are plenty of skinny folks who suffer.

I also think that if you are sleeping in an upright position that might help if the condition is not too severe. I was told if I did not have the ability to use my machine (power outage etc) to sleep sitting up. Though my condition is severe; it did not help that much.


This is me. I am sold.


That is my sincerest hope as I continue losing.


It just depends on the individual and the nature of their apnea. It definitely helps in my case (I have been off apap for some time now) but as mentioned earlier there are skinny people with sleep apnea too.


I know that in my case at least, I was a lusty snorer when I was a skinny late teenager weighing in at 145 lb soaking wet. So I’ve always been prone to that. No doubt age and weight gain brought apnea into the mix (I’m a hair over 5’10" and hover at 190), I’m guessing in my mid to late 30s (but I was diagnosed less than 5 years ago at 53).


I hope I can begin to use my CPAP after I get my surgery in the next 3 weeks to remove a cyst off my vocal chord that has caused me to cough and not have my voice FOR A YEAR.


Slept without issue for 9 hours last night, woke up feeling human again. Hoping for a repeat tonight.


I don’t have sleep apnea that I know of, but I cannot stay asleep. I wake up at 3-4am every night and can’t get back to sleep. Also tracking my sleep with my watch, I seem to be very restless. This has gone on for years and a sleep doctor wasn’t much help.

Was reading an unrelated blog, and the writer said in passing that he uses pot to sleep. So I did some research and taking CBD (chemicals from marijuana without the THC) seems to be a popular thing. Except none of these sites seem to be trust worthy sources. The whole marijuana business seems sketchy, despite being legal here.

Anyone have any experience with pot/CBD and sleep?


Tried melatonin?


Yes thanks. No change.


Tried CBT (not CBD) and flux?


My (elderly) mother somehow got on it and finds it effective. Pot is legal in my state too but she gets it through the medicinal program anyway, which still exists alongside the fewer legal places.

I think, but am not sure, it was actually like 98% CBD 2% THC which is why it still had to be acquired that way.

I can recommend taking some Magnesium (Glycinate or Citrate) before sleeping helped me sleep a little more deeply. It’s one of the safer supplements as well.