Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


What? It’s like 6 dollars if you live in a civilized state! Also, the staff seem so much happy than any of the other big chain stores.

But most of all, this resonant with me. Doing good works and not promoting it means a lot to me.


I don’t even agree with the sex part.


Godfathers or bust. Caesars is… meh at best. At least it’s cheap.


Papa John lost me years ago, when I heard him say he didn’t want to provide healthcare to his employees because that would add an average of 10 cents cost to each pie.


One of my girlfriends calls it little heavers. It’s what i think about every time i see the one and only store left here, or at least i think there’s only one left. As a kid though, it was a treat.


This is absurd.
The worst pizza in the universe is better than no pizza.

I’ve eaten garbage pizza that sat in a box under a couch for a week. And i would eat that same slice again, right this moment, if it were placed in front of me.

There is no such thing as bad pizza. Elios is basically tomato juice on hard tack with 8 pieces of freeze-dried cheese, and i will eat it without hesitation.


I shit you not, reading your description of Elios made me hungry, lol.

I’ve never had it, so that’s all I had to go with.


I defy anyone who has had it to say my description is wrong.

The same basic pizza is what we got in public schools in the cafeteria in the 80s.


That I had. And I’ve tried to find an equivalent I could buy so that I could have that again, as bad as it is. And the closest I can find is essentially the real thing but I’d need to be a big purchaser like a cafeteria and buy a ton. The same company has/had (dunno if they’re still around) a consumer brand but it’s not in stores around me.


Elios then. It’s in every supermarket I’ve even been to. I don’t think it’s a regional thing.

Oh snap, apparently it is regional to the Northeast.

We have all the bestworst food.


Hey, that’s the one! :)

Yeah, I can’t get it.


It certainly is the worst-looking pizza you can find in the frozen food section.


But would you eat it if a piece was sitting in front of you right now?


I would not eat that.


Me neither but now I sort of feel like I must.


I would eat yours, and then you would always wonder what you missed.


I had pizza that you could wring out like towel in elementary school too. It’s not something I really miss.


Better than no pizza though.


I am not sure, but I feel like this might actually be a guy thing. I would rather have no pizza than bad pizza.