Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


One of my old accounts used to delete tweets after been up a week, it was more about being a moment in time rather than a record of thoughts. No one has what they rambled on about it a pub two weeks ago down as a matter of public record so why should twitter convos be held for posterity. It caught on amongst a handful of people too. I think its a good idea.

People can evolve, and I guess Hart has, but socmedia doesnt allow this. Just another reason in the Book of Why Socmedia Has Destroyed Society i suppose.


Kevin Hart is just being 4 real.


It would have been pretty easy to apologize and just say he changed. He’s a public figure. It wouldn’t be be hard to see if he was still going on about this stuff but instead he did what he did. Also, in comedy you punch up not down.


Oh, i thought he had apologised for it all.


My understanding is when it came out in the year it was released, he didn’t apologize and complained about people being sensitive. Then it came out this year and he was asked to apologize, refused, lost his gig and then apologized. His guys I am almost 40 spiel is at the end of what was kind of a weird road. Some of those tweets might not actually be jokes either.


It’s weird because KH usually has a sort of humble, self-effacing type of humor. But I guess bashing gays is more important.


I have heard it argued that the context of the jokes has to do with him poking fun at his own gay panic.


Unfortunately, at a certain point, you almost always become your persona eventually, even if it started as schtick. Even if was intended as self-satirical at one point, once it gets enough momentum, it takes on a life of its own.


Much like Louis C K joking about masturbation?


Not sure what point you’re trying to make, but sure.

  1. Sports writer uses “tranny” in a story. It is unclear if it was intended as an indirect quotation meant to be attributed to the subjects of the story. Apparently it was an (extremely) ill-advised attempt at a joke [see below].

  2. Many people are offended by this idiotic word choice. Story is edited with an apology from the editors.

Editor’s​ note: We deeply apologize​ for​ the offensive​ language​ originally published in​ this​ story.​ It failed to​ meet​​ our editorial standards and we commit to doing better moving forward.

  1. Writer apologizes in the comments of the story in question:

I was completely wrong. Completely wrong. It was a a foolish, tasteless joke that was mistakenly posted for less than 10 minutes. I won’t even bother explaining the joke because it doesn’t matter. It was just wrong. Everybody who is angry at me has every reason to be. I am angry at myself. I apologize profusely.

  1. Apology is accepted by the community at large, and everyone moves on.

Ahahaha, you didn’t actually buy that for a second. No, Deadspin at least isn’t having any of this apology shit.

There’s no reason to doubt that Thompson feels bad for fucking this up, but “I won’t even bother explaining the joke because it doesn’t matter” is inadequate as an apology not only because it doesn’t explain why the word was used or how it made its way through the editorial process[…]

Even in a year that has seen some spectacular misadventures in profile writing— […] —this one stands out.

Yeeeeaaahh okay. I mean, if you are pissed off at the writer and the editors and probably the athletes involved, by all means, be pissed off. I would hardly expect everyone to hug it out after a dipshit use of an offensive word.

But fucking Christ, there is no apology good enough for some people. I mean, dude straight up owned it and apologized in no uncertain terms, condemning his dumbass mistake and committing to doing better in the future. That’s…that’s pretty much best-case.


This part seems a bit much. You guys don’t even get my awesome joke! Take that out and the apology seems fine to me.


I read that more as "the joke was in no way good enough to justify using that word so I’m not even going to bother going down that road. "


Deadspin is garbage more often than not, so this isn’t surprising.


But it was funny when they told Ted Cruz to eat shit.


Ask them again in few weeks, even a good apology needs a little time to simmer. Apologies don’t insta magic emotions away, they usually help though.



I think you are looking at this the wrong way. He is apologizing for using the term, but he also isn’t answering the question as to why he used that term in the first place. Basically, was he quoting Steph Curry? Did he throw in his own garbage? They aren’t arguing that his apology is oddly hinting at him covering up something deeper.

Either Thompson made a bigoted joke without anyone at The Athletic noticing until the story was published, or he clumsily described something newsworthy and The Athletic hastily deleted it, or he fabricated something entirely. None of these possibilities reflect well on the writer or the publication, but whichever describes what happened, it’s worth an explanation.

The apology specifically goes out of its way to further incriminate the writer, because he either made up something that didn’t happen, or he is covering for the subject of his article, or he made up a stupid thing that had nothing to do with the story.

They all look bad, and this apology makes it look like he is trying to cover something up

Making things more confusing is what the Warriors had to say: “No such exchange ever transpired between Stephen and Mistah F.A.B., hence the removal of the line from the story,” a team flack told Deadspin.

This explanation, Thompson’s apology, and the editor’s note are all saying different things. The Warriors say it never happened; they are accusing Thompson of fabrication, the cardinal sin of journalism. Thompson says it was a joke, but fails to explain whose joke it was, what it was, or how it got published. The editor’s note merely apologizes for the “offensive language,” without addressing whether the conversation happened or why the “joke” appeared in the story.

All around great stuff from the Athletic.


Totally agree.

Idk man, I think it’s pretty well covered that he was trying (and badly failing) to make a (weak) joke (probably related to the whole stupid Dwight Howard thing).

But whatevs. I don’t have a dog in this race other than my general eyeroll at the over-the-top demands for public flogging even after a decent apology. Like I said, dude used a shitty word that has no place there. He’s eating some rightful shit about it. Another Tuesday on the Internet.


I think the Mika Brzezinski thing was already posted in another thread, but the apology and its backlash probably deserve to like here.

The skinny is that Brzezinski was criticizing SecState Pompeo over the Saudi murder of Khashoggi, and spake thusly:

The “butt-boy” comment raised the expected Twitter objections, and Brzezinski quickly provided a Twitter apology:

She was not on the “Morning Joe” show the following day, but she apologized on-air this morning, specifically apologizing to the “LGBT Community”.

Pretty decent apology in my opinion; both the short Twitter version and the lengthier on-air apology.

Of course with her history with the Shitgibbon-in-Chief, that was never going to suffice, and the right-wing pundits have begun to howl that such a comment would have gotten any conservative commentator fired immediately.

A few have been comparing her statement with the posts that got Kevin Hart self-booted from the Oscars.