Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


They will raise hell, of that I’m sure. I heard Mika’s comment and didn’t do anything but chuckle at it. I’d have gone with something a bit in use, though, like bootlicker or toady.


You’ve got to be kidding me?


It’s the Trumpista-right. Of COURSE they will make a mountain out of a liberal leaning molehill.


No, and it comes from a surprising source. I mean, you’ll be SUPER surprised.


Can we indict that guy and move on already. I’m tired of Jr./Ivanka/Jared bullshit to the extreme. In my opinion, a priority of the next congress should be to enact stronger anti-nepotism clauses to those in public office.


It’s amazing how much someone like Junior will defend a black man simply because they’re homophobic. At least it lets us get a clearer picture of his Hierarchy of Hate. I’m guessing this somewhat accurate:

White >>>> Jews > Miscellaneous Other >>>>> Black >>>>>>>>>> Gays > Brown >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Clinton


Well except she actually apologized and Kevin Hart’s statement was actually an ongoing series of tweets, over and over again and there was nothing unclear about it.


The last time I remember the phrase “Butt Boy” being used on cable news was the interview where Tucker Carlson brought a small rubbery stick to a gun fight with Jon Stewart.


It sounded disgusting then (and guess who used the phrase first). This Mika should use better judgment than to use language that, ugh, Tucker Carlson would use.

Funny, though, I wonder what Junior thinks about Tucker?


Tucker has grown up. Nowadays he would call someone a “sex panda.”


Or just stare constipated-like into the camera.


Seriously. He has a worse/more constant “I need to poop and/or just ate a lemon” face than Tahmoh Penikett.


Do you want an example of how to apologize?

Chance the Rapper with a great apology for something that was actually taken out of context anyway.

It is pretty simple.

  1. Own up to it
  2. Highlight the victims of your actions, and apologize directly to them.
  3. Show that you have grown as a person and will not make the mistake again.
  4. Do some outreach or fundraising for groups the victims are involved with/interested in.

It isn’t hard.

Kevin Hart is failing because he is

  1. Making himself into the victim
  2. Having other people apologize for him
  3. Attacking the media for the unfair coverage

It is almost as if the guy who cheated on his pregnant wife and said some homophobic stuff as jokes isn’t a very good person?

Stupid shit you see on Facebook


And for the record I think Hart is pretty damned funny. But I acknowledge he’s also an asshole and not a good person.
Louis in many ways hurts worse for me personally since he always seemed to be, fundamentally, a good person. Now I know he isn’t.

He’s not Cosby bad by any means, but I’m pretty firmly in the “fuck him” camp these days.


You don’t have to go that far, I’m sure he’d be perfectly fine if you just watched him masturbate.


Pretty sure he only wants ladies to do that, but who knows, maybe he’ll be wanking it in front of Milo before this is all over.




As someone mostly agnostic on the Louis CK judgment front – I think he’s an abusive asshole who’s quite funny, who doesn’t seem to be handling things very well but then I also have a visceral reaction to the Internet purity squad – this clearly heartfelt comment from a comedy club operator who recently declined to book him resonated with me:

“On a personal level,” Curtis says, “I respect his comedy. I’ve come up with his comedy … And I believe in second chances. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made so many myself.” But she has the strong perception, she says, that CK has not yet done the work to make amends. “From what I’ve heard from comedians in New York who have regularly seen him come into the Cellar and the other things I’ve read, I don’t think he’s in a place,” she says simply. “It seems like he thinks, ‘I did a fuckin’ year, fuck you, I’m coming back.’ That’s my speculation, though I don’t know. So I did say this, from my club, from me right now, it’s just not the right thing.”

From Jezebel, ever a paragon of restraint in Internet purity enforcement culture.


That’s more along the lines of how I feel about it. If he was truly remorseful (for what he did, not just getting called on it) and went out of his way to make up for what he did then I’d say he would deserve a second chance. But he clearly isn’t there yet and doesn’t seem to care about getting there anyways.


I have no problem with that view. Seems good to me.


Ditto. I’ve always felt the women to whom he exposed himself should guide the way. Or some gesture towards acknowledgment or making amends, whatever that might look like. I can only imagine how infuriating it would be for these women to have that incident follow you around for years and put you in such an unwelcome spotlight.

But I still think joking about the Parkland survivors and transgender people is 100% A-OK in my book and who better to do it than Louis? (Who we certainly know supports both those groups… only those unfamiliar with him would feel otherwise.) I hope I get to watch, free of guilt, a new hour of stand up by him in the coming months or years.