Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


Don Lemon also says he believes the weatherman’s excuse and that the station shouldn’t have fired him.


The latest episode of the excellent “Still Processing” podcast is all about apologies – celebrity apologies, personal apologies, how our willingness to apologize or not is shaped by the culture we live in. It’s really good.


I thought this episode of Radiolab about apologies was rather good too.


I think anyone who has worked in TV or radio, whether reading the news or speaking extemporaneously on a subject has made mistakes. Same as sports announcers. Deciding some guy is a racist because he jumbled some words is pretty damn judgemental.

Now maybe I feel this way because I have a degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting, I don’t know.


It’s probably best to just assume everyone is racist until they prove they aren’t. It’s the only way to be safe.


Avenue Q has been right along, no doubt!


Fire them all!





God damnit, leave that shit on 4chan.


Aw come on. That’s been posted here a bunch of times. It’s the first thing I picture when I see the unedited one.


It’s weird how this tongue twister just keeps happening. At least it’s on a Fox station so it’s more understandable.