Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


Thank you. I did not know that. It says only 34 states have limits. Alabama does have a lower limit on age of consent though at 16. So still applies.

I suspect even with someone like Weinstein for sure, he got his jollies off forcing not just any ordinary woman but the fact he was doing it to actresses that the world admires. He could have easily paid. The men in the news right now, these are not men of poor means who can’t find prostitutes.


Wasn’t what he did technically legal at the time because Alabama has always been a state of backward fucks though?

I mean their age of consent was like 12 or 14 at the time wasn’t it?

  1. However, it was 14 in Georgia, I believe (back in the day)


There’s a pretty big difference between age of consent (sex with other teenagers) and age of majority (sex with adults.)


Alabama is basically 16 with anyone 16 or older… the same thing. I had no idea but still the accuser was younger than that.


According to this, it’s not; that may have once been true though, I don’t know.


What Are Some Issues With Age of Consent in Alabama?
Age of consent is incredibly important in Alabama. An individual who is 19 years old or older has sexual contact with someone who is younger than 16 but older than 12 has committed sexual abuse. If a person over the age of 16 has sex with a person under that age, they have committed second-degree rape, provided they are more than two years older than their partner. The law is not clear as to what would happen if both partners are between the age of 12 and 16. However, it does say that a person under the age of 14 cannot be prosecuted as an adult. Moreover, having sex with a person under the age of 12 is rape in the first degree.


But if Moore was involved with a 16 year old and not 15… wouldn’t that just be legal in Alabama?


Yeah you’re right. Thanks for the correction!


I thought this post from Abby Schachner was thoughtful and nuanced. She’s the woman from the Times article who was on the phone with Louis CK when he started masturbating. I hope to read more like this from the victims of his indecent behavior.


“I’ve had some time to reflect on my part in the incident involving Grazia and Ms. Nyong’o,” Le wrote. “I realize now what an incredibly monumental mistake I have made and I would like to take this time to apologize to Ms. Nyong’o and everyone else that I did offend.”

“Though it was not my intention to hurt anyone, I can see now that altering the image of her hair was an unbelievably damaging and hurtful act,” Le continued. “As an immigrant myself, it is my duty to be an advocate for the representation of diversity of beauty in this industry. I will demonstrate this in my work even more going forward.”

When Nyong’o spoke out, she herself noted that the image being edited felt like a dig to her own heritage and appearance.

It’s not a minor thing to do that to a black woman’s hair. Most of us spend our entire life being told by others that we have bad hair, and many try to achieve good hair. An Le doesn’t have that experience, but at there was an attempt at an apology.


If two 14 year olds have sex, has a crime been committed? (Not snark, just curious.)


There maybe a few states were it is illegal but generally not. However, if two 14 years old sext each other naked pictures then they are both guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography. So if they have sex they better not film it.


Depends on the wording of the statute, but it’s almost never a crime.

There is also usually a buffer of a couple years at the least, so you aren’t convicting 18 year-olds for being with their 17 year-old girlfriends or the like.


This is also true. And more than a little insane.


Slate’s Katie Waldman devotes a couple of thousand words to the question.

I’m starting to understand why in olden times they just stuck people in stocks. It was a lot simpler.


Hugely insane. They get child pron charges. Our laws are not remotely equipped to handle the modern world… and of course revenge porn does not help to get this off the books.


Finally a place for this one.


I have to say, this a pretty good one based on what we know right now.

Pros: He does apologize, notes the negative effects that his actions have on others, pledges to cooperate in an ethics investigation.

Cons: Kinda tries to inject a little doubt into the affair with the “I don’t remember the skit the as Leeann does…” line.

I’m tempted to give it an “8” but I’m also terrified that new info will come out that will render the whole thing hideously moot.


It’s pretty good except for ‘while I don’t remember’ which creates a Schrodinger universe:

  1. It’s true and Al is trying to slime out of it
  2. It’s false and Al is trying to defend himself while still showing appropriate contrition
  3. It’s either true or false and Al genuinely doesn’t remember it

I think the Democratic Party should probably take a hard line here. It handwaves this one at its dire peril.


Eight counts of assault huh, and zero clumsy passes, imagine that!