App Recommendations for Toddlers and Below - Android and iOS

The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox series is also pretty good. +1 to the Toca apps. We’ve also had sucess with the Sago Mini apps: Pet Cafe, Forest Flyer, Space Explorer, & Ocean Swimmer get the most use. The Endless Alphabet series is good as well.

Bump. Any suggestions for an app or way to watch TV shows for tots without buying on iTunes or Google Play, as those are expensive. Thanks

That looks good, thanks. Only problem is it is USA only, as is the nick jr. app. Guess I can decide whether to restart my VPN account.

Purpose is a five hour flight just me and 19 month old. She doesn’t watch much TV otherwise.

oh, yeah, it also requires a streaming connection, so it may not work well for you for that. Are you planning to buy internet access on the flight? Depending on what kind of setup you have at home, you might be able to get a Slingbox and record some kids’ shows at home and stream them back.

Ha, streaming media on in-flight WiFi!

Okay, I’ll make an allowance for some airlines using cool/fast tech, but my main tease is how GoGo, the WiFi provider I’ve seen the most for traveling, has comically slow WiFi that specifically tells you to not stream anything.

you can get usa app store apps with a usa itunes account (get a friend to grab an usa itunes card for you to start the account) without being on an american ip so no vpn needed.

As everyone else says, Toca Boca makes the best kids apps, though some of them (like Toca Town) skew older than toddlers.

I also high recommend anything by Sago Mini. Toca level quality, aimed at very small children.

Depending on the flight, there may be shows on there for kids. Recently on my trip to Europe the seat back entertainment sets had a selection of kids shows available. Paddington, Big Hero 6, some nick cartoons, and the like. Wasn’t particularly relevant to me, since my 18 month old stayed home with grandma and grandpa, but it would have been fine.

But I don’t know how your flight is doing it. Haven’t flown domestic in several years. No idea of there is any kind of in flight entertainment.