Apparently, Blacksite comes out this week

Blacksite: Area 51, the game that was initially rumored to be launching the same day as Halo 3, will apparently be released this week. It’ll be launching alongside Mario Galaxy and Assassin’s Creed, followed next week by Rock Band and more. Is there any chance for success for Blacksite?

Midway didn’t have the hit they were hoping for with Stranglehold, so I personally hope they release something that resonates with gamers.

Wow. They’re dropping right into the middle of the tsunami.

I had no interest in Blacksite until Tom commented on it. Now I’m curious and want to try it out…even though a big, loud voice is screaming inside my head, shouting “Remember Deus Ex 2! Remember Harvey!”

I liked the teaser, but I’m not sure if that “4 minutes of fun” model can sustain an entire game.

I think Tom said he preferred TimeShift better. Not that TimeShift isn’t decent, but I wouldn’t want to play something worse than it. I definitely wouldn’t want to pay full price for something that isn’t as good.

Maybe next year when it’s cheaper, though.

It’s also launching alongside Crysis this week on the PC. And Call of Duty 4 launching last week, and Mass Effect next week. I don’t know, I just don’t see how it could be a success even if its a great game. It’s definitely being sent out to die right now.

I expect to see cheap copies of it in the bargin bin a few years from now. I also expect to see me debating between it and “Jericho”.

Oops wait, now I see me with a hot wife and hotter mistress after winning the powerball.

I expect to see cheap copies of it in the bargin bin in February.

I thought this was Halo?

So this game doesn’t suck? Lucky for me Jericho blew, but apparently Timeshift isn’t all that bad.

The teaser wasn’t long enough for Halo’s “15 minutes”.

Halo was “30 seconds of fun.” And that was to describe assaulting an enemy position for nades and then shooting and then finishing the elite with a melee attack as your weapon went dry.

Yeah, it’s a rough time to be launching right now. I’m already waiting until next year on this and the SupCom expansion because I’m already spending well beyond my means on gaming through the oct-dec period this year.

I’ll take your scoreless Arstechnica recommendation, and raise you Tom Chick’s Variety review. Which is also a scoreless thumbs up.