Apparently my resume is extinct

Then it would be OUR little sister.

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So it would be “tested local products for <company A>, resulting in…” I’m not really sure what the result would be. I’ve done testing myself for years and I’d be lying if I said the testing resulted in bug-free software. We don’t even track the metrics most of the time.

Yeah I was going to suggest that most schools have a course on resumes and professionalism. I took a course last year where we learned different resume styles and were marked on quality and such. Anyone worried about the quality of their resume could always find a school with a program similar to their career and enroll in the resume course. It’s usually taught by the professors that are contractors/actual professionals so they know what employers are currently looking for.

This is usually the part that people from technical backgrounds (myself included) struggle with.

There’s a couple of ways to tackle this and I’ll assume that you did Software QA from what you just wrote

Money Savings / New Revenue Streams (usually the best)

Make a reasonable assumption how much development time your work has saved by finding bugs early and estimate the money savings by multiplying that by the prorated developer salary.

So let’s say that you found a series of major bugs that would’ve wasted an entire team of developers a month or so development time. 10 developers @ 10k / month each would mean something like

“…resulting in savings of $100,000 in lost developer hours over the past year by early detection of critical defects.”

The great thing about quantifying your work with a dollar amount is that it transcends industries - you can use it when you’re interviewed by non-technical people who are unfamiliar with your exact role and they can see the impact you had. It’s great for technical people as well since they will be interested in exactly what you did and how you arrived that amount - they will be satisfied as long as you can back up your estimates well (this is critical).

Time Savings

“…allowing for Product X to be released on time for the 2009 Holiday season”

Other qualities shown as part of your job

“Mentored junior members of the QA team while working on Project X, leading to the eventual conversion of contractors to full-time employees”

After you get some practice, you’ll usually find that you’re actually able to work in all the material that you had in your original resume (you might even find more things to put in!) and a story to go along with each bullet if an interviewer asked you about a particular one.

“obsolete”, not “extinct”.