Apple Announcements

Video Ipod.

New iMac. Thinner, built in iSight.

iTunes 6.

OS X style media center program w/ remote. For use with TVs.

Some new weird little app. “Funnest thing we’ve ever written.”

Maybe more to come?

Kawasaki zg1000

The video iPod still has a 4:3 screen? Huh. Any pictures up yet?

You’ll be able to buy TV shows from the iTunes Music Store

This could be pretty cool.

good deal for me-- I was about to pick up a 20 gig iPod for 299- now I can get 30 gigs plus video for the same price… has pics up, accessories, specs etc…

H.264 Lost for download. Oh hell yes.

Those who’ve already seen it claim it doesn’t look as good as the HDTV .divx files that are available… elsewhere. Confirm/deny anyone?

How much are the TV shows? I honestly dont see my self paying for TV shows.

I wonder how they arrived at the $2 price point for tv downloads. To me, they really have less value than the $1 songs, as I’ll listen to a song many times but only watch a TV show once. Maybe I’d pay $2 to check out a new show and see if I like it, but probably not. Not when I could just tell my TiVo to grab it for me.

And if my TiVo somehow missed an episode of a show I know I like, I’d really feel very little dread about just downloading it via bittorrent. I did this with a Battlestar Galactica episode a few weeks ago. I just have a different attitude about TV shows than I do for music for some reason.

Yay my 20GB 3 month old Color iPod is obsolete!

That’s what you get for buying something!

Any lower than $2 and you might undercut DVD sales- A standard 22 episode season would cost $44 which is pretty much inline with current DVD prices for season sets.

$1.99 seems pretty reasonable to me. Despite having a HDTivo I still find myself having to torrent one or two shows a week and if the quality of the iTunes versions were good I might just pay for them instead.

I don’t have any heartache from torrenting shows but I did receive a warning from my ISP for having TV shows on my share drive last year so I certainly wouldn’t mind a legal way to download shows.

Any lower than $2 and you might undercut DVD sales- A standard 22 episode season would cost $44 which is pretty much inline with current DVD prices for season sets.

Well, given that I get less for my money (no packaging, no DVD that I can play on any player) I would expect them to undercut DVD sales. They did the same exact thing (i.e., failed to undercut traditional methods) with music, but having it in digital format is more of an advantage there, especially for people who listen to the music on portable devices.

At any rate, I actually hope it’s a big success for them. Like iTunes was for digital music, showing that people are willing to pay for downloadable TV shows (and hopefully eventually movies) is the first step towards opening the market up to better business models that take advantage of today’s technology.

And you don’t get extras, either. Plus, I’m guessing that these downloads aren’t DVD quality. $2 per show is way, way too high. I can already record shows for free.

I would much rather they use that bandwidth offering music ripped at a higher bitrate. I’ve all but stopped using the iTunes store, as much as I like the interface and the music player, because 128kbps rips suck ass.

The article I read indicated that you can copy stuff over without purchasing it, just like you can with music. So you can still download the torrents and then import them into iTunes to watch on lunch breaks or the subway.

But you are getting them much quicker, that’s the tradeoff. If you don’t mind being a year or more behind on television shows then DVD is defiinitely the better deal. But then again if you have that mindset you probably aren’t the person torrenting episodes every week either. The studio just wants to make sure that if you wait you aren’t forced to decide if the extras on a set are worth twenty additional dollars (assuming the price was lowered to .99). The extras on most sets certainly aren’t worth that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are DVD quality though- that’s not exactly a tough hurdle. What they almost surely won’t be is HDTV quality.

And this opens up an entire avenue for easy downloads for casual users. Yeah, torrent is an easy way to get high quality, commercial free episodes of shows if you know what you’re doing. But lots of people out there have no clue what sites to go to get torrent files and configuring BitTorrent client ports for people behind routers still gives people lots of headaches. This is a very tech savvy forum yet there are been quite a few topics on which Torrent clients to use and how to set them up.

You can record shows for free NOW. But once someone shows there’s a model in selling downloadable shows, watch for more PVR crippling to happen.

I tried to re-encode a couple of HBO movies I’d recorded on my MCE rig so that I could remove the extraneous footage before and after the movie, and so I could store them in more compact WMV format. Then I found out about HBO’s copy protection… The broadcast flag isn’t here, but cable operators are free to restrict fair use in any way they’d like, apparently.

So if this takes off, expect to see your recording options shrink.

On another note, I find it interesting that Jobs kept saying “who wants to watch a movie on a tiny screen,” and then released a player with a tiny under-three-inch screen. If you want to watch movies on the go, a PDA or PSP is going to be MUCH better, with their four-inch screens. I’m a firm believer in portable video – great for the gym, airplane, and keeping kids entertained on car trips – but this is merely a bonus feature on a good music player, and not a competitive portable video player.

The videos are QVGA – matched well enough for the ipod screen (and even the TV shows are commercial-free), but not an HD replacement to be sure.

That’s a very good point. If the shows are available on iTunes immediately then there’s definitely a market there for people who don’t want to mess with torrents or don’t know they exist. That’s probably a pretty big market. But for the rest of us, it’s unattractive.

I wonder if they’ll ever get to the point of releasing episodes BEFORE they’re aired on TV? If you could see the newest episode of Lost a day or a week before everyone else, would you pay $2? I wonder if it would be worth it to ABC.

Another thing that might drive sales is online-only commentary tracks. I absolutely love the podcast/commentaries that the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica is doing on It might be worth paying for if you got the video part of the show as well.

Which they’ll release in about 6 months to invalidate everyone’s new 30gb Ipods.

That’s too bad. I’m sure the networks prefer lower resolution and it certainly helps on bandwith costs but I think this is a missed opportunity. Watching the show on the iPod is nice but I think it would be much more attractive if you could just buy a cable accessory for your iPod with an S-Video and audio out jacks. Then, if you download a show, just plug it into the TV so the entire family can watch it. Much more practical than a single person watching it on the small iPod screen or trying to cram everyone around a PC monitor.