Apple April 20, 2021 Event: iPads and iMacs ahoy!

Rumor mill is an updated iPad Pro with miniLED tech, and a new, larger iPad Mini. Also people seem to think that we can expect an M1-powered iMac, supposedly with a new design.

There was also chatter recently about a 120Hz-capable Apple TV.

Man, I really want that iMac chip to be beefy and support 32GB RAM. If they’re updating the full line of iMacs that seems like a reasonable hope.

What would be the point? Games don’t use it now and probably won’t until the phone adopts it.

They need a feature to help sell a new AppleTV. I mean if you’re making a new SKU at this point why wouldn’t you include it, especially considering that AppleTV SKUs stay on sale for years and years.

My Apple kit is getting (relatively) long in the tooth at the moment so I’m keen to see what they come out with

I’m interested in replacing my ((last but one generation) iPad Pro 12.9 but I’m not sure what will really prompt me to upgrade it. I’m still very happy with the one I have.

I did have to go back to an ancient iPad mini for a while recently which reminded me how much I liked the format but it was dog slow but again nothing compelling.

My Apple TVs are also 4k and very happy with them - apart from the crap remote - just why? It’s like a punishment.

Hopefully it will be a tremendous change and I’ll rushing to the Apple store but I’m not anticipating anything mind shattering and I’ll expect I will be shrugging instead.

Another rumor is that the Siri Remote is going bye-bye. It really is terrible, so I welcome that, even though I rarely use it. But there are interface elements that want me to use swiping motions so it makes fast forwarding harder sometimes.

Shiny new iPad Pro. Yes please!

Rumor also is that the mini LED iPad Pro will be in short supply, because that’s just how the world is now. I think at this point I’m just going to buy whatever one I can get my hands on with preference for the bigger model(rumored to be the only one with mini-LED) but I’ll settle for the smaller one or 2020 iPad Air if I can’t get my hands on a pro. I’m just sick of waiting.

Are new iMacs expected? Consensus seems to be the opposite, iMacs at WWDC.

And by consensus, I mean the two articles I read.

I wouldn’t mind a newly designed AppleTV remote.

AirTags will be announced for sure. Those will be handy for tracking lost luggage re-directed to Honolulu.

Is that really the case? I thought these sorts of things were simple bluetooth devices that can only tell you whether they are within 30ft or so.

AppleTV desperately needs to be cheaper and faster. Knowing Apple, it’ll be more expensive and faster. But they may give up on that godawful remote.

Now that the Apple TV app is available pretty much everywhere, I have a hunch they don’t really care about selling a ton of Apple TV devices. I don’t expect the price to decrease.

They were like that, but Apple has that global Find My network thing now, so your tag would just need to be near any iPhone, if it works like missing phones and laptops.

Supposedly it’s secure and private so it’s safe to let strangers phone in your device location and do the same for them. I have it enabled.

Find My can help find devices even if they are not connected to the internet by using the Find My network, a crowdsourced network of participating Apple devices. Devices in the Find My network use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect missing devices or compatible items nearby and report their approximate location back to the owner. The interaction is end-to-end encrypted, and Apple cannot see the location of any offline device or reporting device. When your device participates in the Find My network it can both be located by the network and anonymously help locate other missing devices. You can choose to have your device not participate in the Find My network by going to Settings > [your name]>Find My and tapping to disable Find My network.


I kind of don’t want them to come out just so all the leakers are wrong, again.

I am willing to pay the Apple tax for a new Apple TV remote. The current remote is terrible on many levels. The only thing I am interested from Apple other than that is a 32 GB M something with a 2 TB SSD. Don’t care if it is an iMac or MBP.

Same! I’m on the 2017 10.5 inch model (which is still great!) but I’d love something a little bigger for reading papers and the like while curled up on the couch. Since I’ve waited this long, if the larger Pro’s with the mini LED are in short supply, I’ll simply wait a bit longer. I don’t refresh these devices very often, so I’d prefer not to buy a model without the latest updates and feel like I’m already behind the tech curve.

I have the same. No real hurry to upgrade here. I’ve not been playing games as much on iOS recently. The one thing I might think about though is that I don’t carry the iPad sound the house as much as I used to and, add I get older, more screen real estate wouldn’t be bad. OTOH, I may end up buying a kayak, and if in going to source money on one thing it’d be that

The ATP guys were talking about the event. We can expect a spec bump for iPads. Some talk about iOS14.5 and ad tracking. A tile type thing is pretty boring and how much can they say about it? Maybe Pencil 3. There doesn’t seem to be enough here for an event. Mark Gurman is also saying basically nothing too exciting.

I guess that leaves room for Macs of some sort, but there doesn’t seem much to suggest this. Although, I saw a title of a YouTube video say “24” iMacs Confirmed,” but I didn’t watch it, assuming it’s clickbait. I am expecting a boring event, which is good, it saves me money.