Apple Arcade

Yeah, the list of games is impressive, but might actually be too big, too fast?

I paid $5 for Bad North, which is lovely and I’m glad to support the port, but it felt gratuitous with Arcade around. If there were 1-2 more good mobile RTS games in Arcade I probably wouldn’t have. That feeling is a sign the market for paid games is going to change.

I enjoyed Bad North on PC, how is it with touch controls?

A wash. Rotating the island and moving units felt very natural. The small screen made some squares difficult to use that were probably more viable on PC (e.g. ones hidden behind boulders on two sides.) And I’m finding item use difficult to the point where I’m putting all my gold into class updates. Presumably that’s a keyboard shortcut or button hit on other platforms.

I just played Jenny LeClue - Detectivu, which was a well done adventure game, with controls well suited to touch screens. I don’t know how long it’s been out, but it was another quality game on Apple Arcade.

It was there at launch, I think.

Only one new game last Friday, and nothing new today. So I guess weekly updates aren’t a guarantee.

I think I’m two weeks behind, but I liked both Guildlings and Discolored. I have now started paying for a month of the Apple Arcade, but it feels like my interest is dying down. I was hoping for something good after last weeks solitary game didn’t interest me all that much.

I didn’t know about Dread Nautical, but the description here seems to be right up my alley.

One of the latest Arcade games is LEGO’s Builder’s Journey.

It’s got a lot going for it, from what I’ve played. Each level is a beautiful little diorama. And the building interface, while not free from finickiness, is rather nice. It seems akin to Monument Valley, but at the same time, it lets you solve its puzzles multiple ways–even sometimes, as far as I can tell, not having an explicit solution other than to use all the bricks at your disposal. Which is both neat and frustrating, since it doesn’t tell you that’s the case. When it asks you to do some time-sensitive brick manipulation, it gets super irritating, so I could do without those bits. But overall… I… think I like it?

You had me until that.

I let my sub slide since I wasn’t using it much, but now that you can subscribe for a year at a time with a slight discount I will probably jump back in next month.

Anyone hear how it’s doing financially? I haven’t seen anything about it other than people do seem to like it.

I just saw this this morning.

It sure looks like LEGOs.

No “S”! ;-)

I like Apple Arcade although i can’t even really get the full value out of it even at $5 a month.

So you aren’t really using it? I rarely game on iOS, but I did quite a bit the first month and half after Arcade came out. The biggest reason I don’t game on iOS is because I don’t like the free to play pay model, so removing that is a huge boon in my eyes. Seems like there is some really high quality stuff there, but a lot of it doesn’t seem to be my type of games.

I just cancelled my sub, and based on my actual play time with Apple Arcade games, I probably should have done this months ago.

No regrets, Grindstone was a treat and I had a lot of fun with a handful of other games, but late last year the weekly releases slowed to a trickle of games I’m sure are “fine” but I have zero interest in.

It certainly seems like Apple built up a stable of impressive games for launch but hasn’t managed (or tried?) to keep a steady stream of high profile titles coming.

Odds of this being the template for AppleTV+?

Wouldn’t they have needed the stable of impressive TV shows for launch to fit that template though?

Hah. Fair point, not everyone thinks they had anything worth subscribing to at the start. Now imagine it just trails off from here. On a slower scale than Apple Arcade I’d assume, given the production times and season lengths of shows, but overall I suspect the same thing: the number of high profile shows will only decline from launch.

Apple News+ already sounds like a bust. When it comes to content subscription services, I just don’t think Apple has the drive, determination, or the resources (motivated people, not money) to keep trying until they win.

Apple Music is probably fine for as long as the field of music streaming remains mostly undifferentiated by actual content; everyone has mostly the same songs/artists/labels.

I subscribe to Arcade intermittently. I think I’m on track to spend $20-25 a year. There are still more games I want to play so I haven’t hit a wall with the release cadence although I definitely want more strategy games. As my kids get older I’m guessing we’ll end up doing $50/year indefinitely since we’ll all be invested in various games at different times. Unless we get a bombshell article about how Arcade is mistreating developers, I’ll continue to feel good about how Arcade supports quality and non-exploitive mobile game development based on the games themselves and the developer interviews I’ve read or listened to so far.

AppleTV+ seems like the opposite release cadence to me, because they will be launching more new shows than they currently have, as well as more seasons of the current shows. It’ll take about three years for them to reach a release rate that stays steady if they keep spending a billion dollars a year, assuming production costs stay constant. I don’t know if I’ll ever pay for it because we’ll likely be buying some qualifying iOS device nearly every year for the foreseeable future (sob.)

Agree News+ is low value at $10/month. It was interesting to flip through a few magazines, but for the most part I couldn’t tell the difference between seeing free and free+premium content in the News app. WSJ being a gimped version that was hard to peruse, and WSJ being just about the only national paper, did not help either.

A couple of games I’ve been playing recently are Roundguard (Peggle as a rogue like rpg) and No Way Home. The latter is a really fun twin-stick rpg that reminds me quite a bit of Space Miner: Space Ore Bust.