Apple Arcade

I see zero evidence that this would happen. If you removed 95% of the items from your local grocery store, do you think people will just “adapt and still spend similar money” when they go to the store??

I really don’t get where this comment is coming from.

There are over 2 million apps in the Apple Store. If my local grocery store had 2 million product types I think I would still go there if they had 100,000 product types on the shelf.

Numbers reporting is spotty as things are added and removed and stuff, but they have had periods where 500k apps were added in a year. How much of this is clutter? Garbage apps create all kinds of headaches for discoverability, maintenance along with creating endless vectors for various malware.

I mean, I’m sure there is a grey area on what a healthy number would be, but it’s clear that huge swaths of current apps could be culled.

That’s basically Trader Joe’s business model.


Trailer of upcoming Apple Arcade games:

There’s a Chu Chu Rocket game?! I played so much of that on Dreamcast (I think.)

Launch title list:

Those aren’t exclusives, are they? No, I see some on Steam for sure.

Apple Arcade games are exclusive in a very narrow sense: they’re not on any other mobile platforms (read: Android), and not available as part of any other subscription service.

And I take it you won’t be able to get them on iOS separately?


The initial impressions I have seen on Twitter so far have been very positive.

I am looking forward to trying the free month, but I don’t want to start it until Catalina is out so I can see how they are on the Mac. They haven’t even said when Catalina will be out yet though.

I must say I’m getting the urge to buy an Apple TV. This looks great for both me and my kids and the cross-platform play on my iPad is a bonus. Though I will stick with Android for my phone.

Does Apple TV pair to any bluetooth controller, such as a PS3? Quick google results are ambiguous in that only Made for iPhone controllers are guaranteed but others may work.

Apple announced added support for Xbox One S and PlayStation Dual Shock 4 controllers for the Apple TV with the release of TVOS 13 this fall. So, not yet, but will very soon (end of the month).

Also don’t buy yet. There should be an October event and we might see a new TV.

Edit: Sorry, you asked about PS 3 controllers. I can’t find anything on that.

A bunch of these are of interest to me: Down in Bermuda, Card of Darkness, Grindstone, Spaceland…and I’ve only looked up a handful of titles so far. Oh, and Cat Quest 2, ofc.

I’ve always enjoyed playing games on iOS. Back when I had Android or Windows phones, I always kept around an iPod Touch since I love the app ecosystem.

So to me, Apple Arcade seems awesome. Not only do I get more indie games coming to the platform in the style I’ve always enjoyed, but inclusion in Arcade guarantees that they won’t have shitty in-app purchases / timers / other awful free-to-play mechanics.

Some of the games will still undoubtedly be bad of course, but at least they’ll be bad because of design, rather than being good games otherwise ruined by bad monetization.

Also - I saw that one of the games included in Arcade is What the Golf? - that was one of my favorite games at PAX last year so I can’t wait to try it out.

Yep, between Mini Motorways, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Overland, and What the Golf (and whatever that Lego game is, maybe?) I’m pretty much sold on Apple Arcade. I hope it’s benefiting the developers a lot, because I would love to think it might be a big part of profitably bringing premium games back to mobile.

I also hope that the high-profile game library means that they won’t be deprecated when iOS 15 comes out. I’m still upset over all my old games that are just…gone.

Apple has a long history of taking your investment and flushing it down the toilet. Having had my 3k+ Macbook turned into a paper weight with software update was enough for me. Buyer beware. How this company stays in business I’ll never know, the contempt and/or disregard they have for their customers is staggering.

That’s a great point, too, Andy. I would think it would have to extend the lifespan of the games in the service at least a bit. Usually they disappear because it’s not worth the effort of updating them, but now Apple might have some incentive to help fund the update. Maybe that’s being naively optimistic.