Apple Arcade

I dissent! I remember liking it a lot. I think I played it from start to finish.

I think I liked some of it. I rage quit at the boss :)

On the plus side (for a game leaving) it was very short!

Next month’s games were announced early again:

and some more oldies:

  • Fabulous: Wedding Disaster +
  • Return to Monkey Island +
  • Tomb of the Mask +

Rabbids makes a good first impression.
Monkey Island is a 2022 game. I didn’t know they made a new one.

Next to go:

  • Big Time Sports (exclusive)
  • Detonation Racing (exclusive)
  • King’s League 2
  • Mutazione
  • Overland
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Some of these are good games. Big Time Sports isn’t one of them.

Next month was announced:

and some old stuff. Nothing exciting:

  • Punch Kick Duck+
  • Zen Koi+

This had me very confused (and delighted!) for a second, but then I remembered the magic shlooter was called Outriders. Seems it’s a city builder of sorts?

Oh, actually an Outlanders 2 could be good! I played all of the first one, but it could stand to be a little more fully featured as a city builder.