Apple Care iPod?

We are all Mac here at my office and with a great Apple dealer down the street, Apple Care has been invaluable. We always extend the coverage- iMacs get 2 years for 160 bucks and one visit covers that.

So now that I have an iPod- 30 gig, I was wondering if anyone has used their AppleCare… has anyone bought the 60 dollar for 2 years and how happy have you been with the repair Apple has done?

I am pondering the 60 bucks for 2 year extension on it, this my questions.

I got mine almost two years ago and have had it replaced twice. I’m going to bring it in again next month and complain that the battery life is short and the boot time is long, and try to get a third replacement before the two years are up.

Worth it.

I got the 20 GB, third generation iPod a year and a half ago and sprung for the 2 year plan. I’ve twice gotten new earbuds, which was simple enough. They get shorts pretty easily from kinks and bends, I think running isn’t very good for them, but I just called up Apple and said “Hey, my headphones have a short in them” and they said “Ok” and there were new headphones in my mailbox the next day, so the service at least was great on that. My battery life seems to be weak at this point, so I may try to get a replacement for that before the plan runs out, but so far I’ve had no problems with the actual iPod. I’d say that for $60 over the course of two years, it’s worth it for knowing that any problems I could’ve had would be taken care of.

My sister has a shuffle that mysteriously died entirely this month, with about 10 days left on its non-Apple Care regular year warranty. Apple said they’ll replace it, but she’d have to pay $30 to ship it back. She went ahead with it reluctantly, and to her delight, the new one arrived and she doesn’t have to pay to ship it back after all, maybe just because she complained on the phone. So that’s lucky for her, but if it really was going to be $30 just for shipping for a regular warranty repair, I’d say that makes the Apple Care plan worth it.

Ok, good good- I figured it was worth it, especially seeing it in action for our computers… one is getting a new hard drive right now- the 60 gig died, and now the only thing they can replace it with is a 160 gig…so that works.

I just ordered it on line…all covered now.

Thanks for responses.

I think that was the right decision. I love my iPod, but I’ve had to replace it twice in the last year and a half. I feel like I treat my with great care, but they just don’t seem all that durable.