Apple Event 10/30/18 (new iPads, Mac bump)


Sorry, that was a misread on my part! Yes, it’d be so nice to see Microsoft (most obvious choice) or someone step up and deliver the equivalent of iOS Photoshop for real-world document work, assuming iOS Photoshop is as sophisticated and skillfully memory-managed as they claimed last year.



Sitting at SFO waiting on a flight to have a plane, I just wanted to mention this little charger again. So lightweight, and so fast. Love it. Also: my cat chews on my cables. He’s worth it.



The 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro is on sale at Costco. 256GB for $799, which is $100 off the regular price.

I’m really tempted.

At the same time, though, I’m obsessed with the 12.9-inch. I sat next to a guy on an airplane with the previous generation 12.9, and it was literally the device of my dreams. That screen was just amaaaaaazing.

Those extra two inches seem to make a big difference, but the 12.9-inch isn’t on sale. Looking at $1099 for the 256GB version. So $300 more.

Decisions, decisions.



I loved my 1st gen big iPad pro when I was in school. I could research papers in one app and have a note taking app open in the other window. It was pretty great, but I didn’t like it much for regular old personal use. It would get too heavy for holding for long periods. For a work machine, I wouldn’t hesitate to get the big one, but for an everyday, web browser, games, etc, I much prefer the little one in use.

Whatever the case, the latest model is a no brainer if you’re a heavy iPad user who has money to burn.



If it helps, the 12.9 inch iPad is the best comic-book reading device ever made.



The 12” is occasionally a little unwieldy, but most of the time I appreciate the extra space, better multitasking, etc. I wouldn’t trade after using it for a few months now. And I’m saying that as somebody who tried the old larger 12” and returned it after a week because it was just too big.




What is interesting is people complain about the size of the 12.9, but then think a 13" laptop is the ideal size.

There is one specific use case I also really like my 12.9: playing D&D. The character builder is great, and I can use the web version on my 12" iPad during the games. I need and internet connection, obviously. I only really play D&D twice a year a gaming convention and fortunately the wifi is actually pretty good.



Typo on the url, Mark – you reversed the words :-)

I am going to try that! My PDF-based ones have been a PITA to deal with across devices.



Fixed typo.

The PDF ones I have had a few issues with: they use Javascript and therefore I can’t use them on my iPad unless I flatten them out. Which, as you said, is a nightmare.

The other issue is once Wizards came out with the portal, they laid down the C&Ds on the sites that offered the builders for free.

In the end, I think it cost me about $30 to just get what I needed to get my characters up and running on the builder and it has saved me a ton of time.



I really like my 12.9”, but I’m a taller person. Someone in the mid 5 foot range with my same proportions is getting the same experience with the 11”.



Just spent a half-hour at the Apple Store in U-Village. 11- and 12.9-inch side by side.

The 11 is, obviously a lot easier to handle. It’s your classic iPad size.

The 12.9 is just on the verge of being too heavy for one-hand. It’s close to 50-percent heavier than the 11.

Spent the time comparing how apps and web pages deal with the extra space on the 12.9. The 11 will generally default more mobile layouts, while the 12.9 will render full web pages, so you get sidebars and all that stuff. Mixed bag; the former let’s you focus more on the article in front of you: the latter gives you more options.

What I really want is to compare how my digital magazines from Nook render, but I had to settle with the default apps.

I really want the bigger screen, but the 11 felt better.



So…no decision yet?

How often will you be holding it vs on a desk/braced?



I think I’ll be holding it quite a bit, which makes me think 11.

I went back to the Apple store and tried tried different apps side-by-side, and for the most part, the 12.9 ends up with just a lot more white space on the screen. Or for text, you end up moving your eyes more left-to-right because of the width.

So, yeah, the 11 seems to be the “better” option for me. I’m just lusting for that bigger screen.



The large screen is fabulous for page layout content. That said, if you add a case to the mix, it’s going to be even heavier. Ultimately the weight difference wasn’t a factor for me in actual use. I went from a 10.5 (last gen) to the 12.9, and if I were to break it or lose it today, I’d re-purchase the same one.

Most of the time I have it propped up in the Muse case, since it supports any angle you’d want (with stability, even when carrying it around or using on your lap / sofa / desk / whatever).



I am thinking of updating my 4th gen from 2013; just noticed that the 12.9" pro is apparently slightly lighter than my one. So weight isn’t an issue for me at least. The small issue of the 128GB 9.7’ being almost 1/3 the cost (in our market) of the 64GB 12.9" is however…



If you haven’t updated since 2013, you probably don’t need a pro. The regular iPad is a great deal for the price.



You’re right, I absolutely do not need it.

But I watch a lot of streaming video on it so the extra screen is nice, even if the black bars will be correspondingly larger. Although the 11" has an aspect ratio a little closer to 16:9 so…



If it makes any difference, I’ve gotten use to the extra weight, and don’t really notice it now…



When I nod off in bed, the regular iPad can feel really heavy when it bumps into my nose. Be careful.



I did that same routine over the past month, with lots of time spent in various Apple and electronics stores. I also lusted hard after 12,9" and did my utmost to convince myself to get it but ended up going with the 11". The smaller form factor just fit my case of more classic tablet use better and I couldn’t get around the unwieldiness and small but very noticable (to me) weight increased that kept me from being able to hold it single-handed.

If I were doing more proper work and sketching on the device things might look different, but I’m very happy with my choice and fwiw, my hardcore Apple fanboy buddy just traded in his new 12,9" Pro for the 11" as he wanted to be more mobile.