Apple Event 10/30/18 (new iPads, Mac bump)


11-inch, 64GB is currently $699. How “workable” is 64GB? How much do you have leftover after iOS eats up its share?


I think this is a very personal matter:
if you don’t store many photos, movies or music on your iPad, 64GB is quite huge.
32GB is fine with me, as I only store comics and books and games.
If you store photos and, God forbid, are fond of taking them, the sky is the limit I am guessing.


If you use iCloud for photo storage, then the device storage matters less. It’s much less expensive to bump up your iCloud storage than it is to jump to the next iPad storage size.


My view is this.

  • 16GB is unacceptable. Not enough space to hold apps.
  • 32GB is perfectly usable, but you really can’t store much media. I had a 32GB iPad for my dedicated bathroom PoopPad and it was fine, but I want more space on my “real” iPad.
  • 64GB is enough space to store a bunch of movies for long flights. I’m cool with 64GB.
  • More than 64GB is only necessary if you want to store tons of media or large games on the device all the time.


What he said. About the memory. I have no comment on the PoopPadTM use case.


I even have a little permanent mount on the wall next to my toilet!


Making bowel movements great again!


Bit the bullet on the 11. Costco has a 90-day return policy, so if I don’t like the size, I can bring it back. But the only way to know if I’ll like the size is to get it.


Holy Shit, I haven’t had an iPad since the OG model from 2010.

Setup is so frickin’ easy. I just need to bring my iPhone next to it and BAM.


Even manual setup is ridiculously easy.

I caved and got the 12.9" - 26 months no interest (which doesn’t happen too often here with Apple products) so why not? Although ridiculously the large retailer did not have either the usb-c to headphone adapter or the 2nd gen pencil.

It’s a thing of beauty; lighter than my old 4th gen 9.7" and with the weight spread over the larger area. SO much faster and smoother. I’m in love again!


Btw, I have an unopened Pencil gen1 and the Logitech keyboard case for the 10.5" iPad Pro. I’m in the Bay Area if anyone wants em.


There are electronics stores that have 26 months no interest? That seems like a lot.


Well they are not specialty stores; they sell furniture & appliances also. You can get all the way up to 60 months at times.

Usually, but not always there are exclusions for the longer durations, particularly on Apple products, gaming consoles and the latest Samsung mobiles.

The joke was on me as right after the 26 month offer finished it was replaced with a 36 month one; that’s the first time I remember seeing back to back promotions that did not exclude Apple products; sometimes you have to wait months for one to roll around that includes them.


Is it Harvey Norman? It sounds like Harvey Norman


Yes it was this time.


They really do operate the same everywhere!


New iPad mini at last! No sign of the iPod Touch upgrade yet.


The iPad 10.5 Not A Pro anymore is a great device for someone who just wants to write and draw on the go. If my 1st-gen 12.9 died, that is the device I would get with the Smart Keyboard.


The mini looks ludicrously archaic with its gigantic forehead and chin. At least the 10.5" shell reduces them a bit.


Those new iPads still keep the home button.

Guess I’ll be sticking with my Pro