Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


Mpow’s wireless earphones are on for $13 today via a Gizmodo code MVDC6Q2F. Battery life is longer than Apple’s, and user reviews are generally positive about the durability and audio quality, at least in the scope of sub $40 earbuds.


AAPL is getting hammered today, guess investors didn’t like what they saw yesterday. Or they don’t like that they aren’t going to be releasing preorder sales like they usually do. Who knows with the stock market?

That said, for the first time in a while I am not a shareholder. I sold my stock today because I need the cash, not because of the company itself.


Here’s Apple’s solution to people wanting to charge their iPhone 7 while using wired headphones.

Give us $50.


Bizarrely, the thing you linked ( is apparently entirely different from the thing my own search turned up (, which just puts a link to the website into your “Apps” page.

Infuriatingly, the two links are identical-looking on the page, but do very different things. One loads the webpage (no keyboard controls), the other pops out a mini player (yes keyboard controls. . . so long as the main page is open on a tab somewhere in the browser).




I’ve had great luck with these:

Been using them for ~9 months so far. Reliable, pretty good audio quality, cheap, and 7-8 hours battery life.



This did it for me. Dusted off my Galaxy Note 5 and going to live with it for a while to see if I can adjust to Android life. Google is supposed to have an event on October 4th, so I will see if a Pixel (or whatever it will be called) or non-exploding Note 7 is in my future. I’m done with Apple. Even returned a recently purchased MacBook Pro. I’m OK with innovation and charging me for it, but all of this is a money grab.



Plug up your existing 3.5 - show who you are!

We are never wrong.



Certainly don’t disagree that there is some awkwardness here. I charge and use the 3.5mm constantly when I drive, so I’d need either the awkward Lightning dock in my car, or the Belkin Lightning spliiter plus the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter… yep we are in a double-dongle situation.


You know that’s fake, right?


I have no doubt every cable and Apple accessory company out there has been working on adaptors/cables for this. I am sure for people who need such a thing, you will be able to get one for less than $10 within a week or two.

My answer is just to buy a car with Apple Car Play. I am buying a new car anyway, and since I use my phone so much in the car, it seems like a no-brainer for me.



I use Apple hardware but I do think they can come across that way.


Woah, the 7 stores RAW picture files? That may be what gets me to bump up from my 6 (provided I get a good trade in). While I love my Canon, my phone is the camera I’ve always got.


Anecdotally their quality took a hit this year. After never having had an iPhone failure (and the only “family” failures of their phones being one battery dying and a couple drop-related), I’ve recently had:

  1. June: iPhone 6 Plus battery started dying suddenly at a 40% charge rating. Took in and they said the battery had bloated and damaged the innards so they replaced my entire phone for under $100, the cost of the battery repair. Was disappointed at the failure but overjoyed at their repair/replacement response.

  2. August: iPad Pro 12.9 bought in January, microphone failed. Local store doesn’t stock the parts to fix it, so they swapped me for a new Pro. Again, very happy about the service.

  3. September. The replacement iPhone I got in June? The screen stopped responding to touch. (Not an uncommon problem with the 6/6 Plus, apparently fixed in the 6s.) Luckily I was 80 days into the 90 day warranty on the replacement, so they swapped it again.

What this tells me is that (1) Apple’s quality might be slipping, and (2) AppleCare+ is probably a good investment when I get my 7 Plus.


Because I am juvenile this made me chuckle.


[quote=“JonRowe, post:104, topic:125632, full:true”]
Removing a port is not a feature. It doesn’t matter, if you have one less way to connect to a device, that is a loss.[/quote]

Finally killing VGA (die die die) was definitely a feature.


Yes but in that case, and a few other examples I read upthread, it was replaced with something superior. That’s not the case here. You either have to live with an inferior alternative, or you need to use an adaptor, and don’t we all love those? Had it been replaced by something just as good or better, nobody would be complain… no wait, this is the internet, someone would complain.


Well, I ordered the 7 Plus to tide me off until next year’s iPhone 8 and Apple reinventing the headphone jack. (“The all new iPlug. Now you can attach your headphones while charging your phone, and you’ll never have to recharge your headset because the music travels over our specially engineered iWires, offering even more magical music fidelity than our amazing wireless solutions.”)

First time ever ordering a phone online where Apple’s and AT&T’s servers didn’t cause enormous frustration. They finally got the needed capacity and better software? Or the demand was lower?

Also ordered an extra headphone adapter because I have a set of headphones I leave at work and I seriously don’t want to have to add a stupid little cable to the stuff I have to have in my pockets every day I leave for work.

Worth the hassle for me because I use the phone as a camera so much.


My Twitter timeline was full of people up at midnight ordering like usual last night, but I follow a lot of Apple tech people so that probably doesn’t mean much. Judging by the backlash I saw around the net, I would think that demand was lower than normal, but who knows? It’s all anecdotal, and it often seems like a lot of the talk is by Android users who wouldn’t have bought one anyway (not saying that is everyone, there are a lot of iPhone users also not happy, but there is a lot of that as well).

I was going to wait, but mainly because I am no longer going to contracts and was going to buy the phone out of pocket. Then I saw some stuff about how the Apple program was a good deal if you always get AppleCare and want to upgrade every year, so I went with that. Looks like I am still going to being paying $20 more a month than I currently am though, but I haven’t really done the math. Got a 128gb black 7. I was tempted to get an SE because I like the small size, but I want all the bell and whistles.

Looking forward to Friday. A 7 should be a nice jump from the 6. Really looking forward to all the OS updates next week too.