Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


If you get Applecare, want to upgrade every year, and don’t want to sell your old phone on Craigslist, the Apple program is definitely the way to go, yes.

Otherwise you’re better off purchasing the phone outright or going with your carrier. Put it on homeowner’s insurance, that’s better than Applecare anyway.

If I didn’t just get a 6s+ from work I would have purchased a 7+ outright this year.


I did the math and the price is exactly the same as buying the Phone with AppleCare+ outright, just spread out. And there’s no penalty for paying off the balance early. So there’s really no reason not to go the Apple route unless you just don’t want to add to your debt.

If you did decide to sell your phone on Craiglist instead of trading it, you can just pay it off and do that; you’re not obligated to trade it it. When the 8 comes out next year with its OLED screen and whatever else, if I decide to upgrade I’ll look at the price delta between trading (which essentially sacrifices the payments you’ve made over the past year) or reselling. If it’s bigger than $100, I’ll likely buy out the loan on the phone and sell it. If it’s $100 or less, I’ll probably just go for the convenience of trading.

That doesn’t cover equipment failure, though, right, though, just theft or damage? If my battery is suddenly only holding half a charge or my digitizer becomes intermittent (both failures I had my 6 Pluses this year), homeowners insurance won’t cover repairs, will it?


Beats me, I’ve never actually had to claim it. But if not, you could always just toss your phone in the garbage and claim it was lost.


Sure, but then you get to eat the $90 or $100 deductible or whatever.

Full disclosure: don’t have Apple Care Supremacy Delta, so unsure if they also charge a deductible

edit: that said, if the phone’s still under the warranty period, stuff like dead digitizer’ll be covered. I’ve had an S3 replaced when the mobo died in it at no cost, whereas when my gf shattered the screen on hers. . .


Yeah, my experience with homeowner’s insurance after a pipe disaster is that they don’t appreciate it when you actually use it. You pay the deductible and your insurance is likely to go up next renewal. So I’d rather stick with AppleCare.

AppleCare covers failures with no fee, a broken screen is $29 (you only get two, but if you have more than that, you need to rethink your habits and/or buy a better case), and other damage is $99.

Given that I spent the cost of a screen repair and another $80 when the battery failed (and came close to another repair charge when the unit they gave me when the battery failed died within two weeks of the 90-day warranty ending), it seems worthwhile if you’re going to keep the phone for more than a year. It’s less clear if you’re going to trade in yearly, since the phone’s standard warranty will cover failures in that case.


Apple site was late going live, as usual. I tried to order a black 7+ (AT&T) and at first I had a Sept 16th date, but Apple (AT&T) won’t let you change your shipping address and I’ll be gone - has to go to your wireless billing address. Tried fighting that for awhile, and by the time I did, the date had slipped back to when I’ll be back in town anyway.

Also ordered a Watch2. I’m tired of my Pebble’s flakiness.


I ordered one for one of my daughters and it was by far the easiest experience ordering through AT&T on a launch day that I’ve experienced. Logged in around 6:00 AM EST and ordered her a black matte 128gb 7 with a 9/16 date.

I told her I was done with Apple. She told me “You’ll be back. You always come back.” Hehe


Many homeowners policies have no deductible for high value personal items, of course check with yours. The cost is usually around $20/year. Compare that to separate insurance or applecare costs.


I think it’s pretty sad that today, when I flew on a plane and couldn’t use my Bluetooth headphones, my ability to do this without an adapter or fumbling with a splitter was suddenly novel and refreshing:


You know, I literally never charge my phone and need headphones at the same time. I fully expect to need to at some point in the next month.


I don’t very much either. But that makes an adapter an even bigger pain in the ass. Now I need to buy a $40-50 adapter I wouldn’t need very often, for a very rare circumstance which makes it even more likely to forget it when I actually need it.


I would be surprised if they cost that much. The dock Apple sales is not intended for travel I don’t think, but to sit by your bed at night when you charge it. There is one thing you can be sure of, there are going to be a ton of cables and adaptors coming out for this thing. Apple accessories are a huge business and I have no doubt this won’t be an issue in a couple of months if you are willing to spend a few dollars.

Of course, do we actually know if it can charge and pass through sound at the same time? If it can’t, then Apple really failed.


The one Belkin announced is $40. But yeah, I fully expect you’ll see legal MFi versions for $15 quickly, and versions with clone chips that might or might not work next OS update for $10 or so.


Just found out something that I wish I’d known when I ordered my phone last night: Apple has gone back to multiple models of the phones for the USA market, GSM-only and CDMA/GSM. When I ordered mine, it says (GSM) right in the model name. If you choose Sprint/Verizon you get a phone that will work on any network if you want to change later. If you choose AT&T/T-Mobile, you get a phone that will only work on those two networks. Had I known that, I would have ordered the Verizon version even though I’m going to use it on AT&T.

Yay. A downgrade from the works-on-any-network iPhone 6 I’m upgrading. More Courage from Apple.


There’s more to it than that. The GSM only phones are said to be using new Intel modems instead of Qualcomm. Intel doesn’t have a hybrid modem. Maybe the Intel modems perform better or draw less power. Or maybe Apple just gets to save money on components. I’m hoping they were selected for engineering reasons rather than helping their bottom line.


I ordered a 7+ from the Apple lease program. Hoping Verizon doesn’t screw over my account for having done that. Fingers crossed.


Anyone else picking an iPhone up (or having one delivered) today?

I’m still pissed about the Intel modem. They buried the differences between carrier models pretty deep and it didn’t come out until after I made my selection, otherwise I would have ordered the Verizon version of the phone to have the most carrier options down the road.

I thought I might try the Watch if they had them in stock, but despite the pretty lame improvements it seems they’ve mostly pre-sold out.


My 7 should be here today. Finally get to try out ForceTouch, but otherwise I am not really excited about it. Most of the improvements are in the OS, not the hardware. That said, having a new, bigger battery is going to be awesome. Plus I can fit a ton more music on it since I am getting the 128 GB.

Can’t justify the new watch. The GPS would be really handy since I use mine for exercise tracking, but that alone isn’t worth the money. Plus the new OS, has greatly improved my old watch. I wouldn’t call it zippy, but it certainly is quicker than it was before. Hopefully there will be improved/faster BlueTooth by the time the next one comes out.


Apple stock is up 11% this week. T-mobile and Sprint are (separately) reporting that sales and pre-orders are the highest in history, up to four times higher than last year’s successful 6S.


Having 3GB RAM on the 7 plus is an awesome addition.

It is crazy how much faster these are, how much Apple pushed performance up from 6 to 6s to 7 – and remember that only the very latest and greatest Android devices released in the last 4-5 months are even as fast as the old iPhone 6.

A bit sad, really, how far Apple is ahead of Android on perf these days.