Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


Don’t remind me, I sold off my Apple stock last week. I figured this headphone jack thing would hurt sells. Guess I was wrong again. I am lousy at investing. That said, I sold because I needed the money, not because I thought it was time to sell the stock.


Silly me, thinking buying online and scheduling a pickup meant I’d be able to walk in and pick up the phone I’d bought

I was reserving an opportunity to stand in the New iPhone Day line.


Is it a noticeable difference?

2GB from 1GB is huuuuuuuuuuuuge. With 2GB, apps I haven’t used for hours will open back up without reloading. I’m not sure how they can improve on that, unless you have an ipad and do side-by-side multitasking.


Using PCs as my baseline (and OS bloat on mobile) I think until we hit 4GB RAM the “point of diminishing returns” has not been hit yet. After 4GB, probably, yeah.

Also it’s just surprising for Miserly Apple to loosen up on memory here. Very pleasant surprise. Remember all the other iPad “pro"s only have 2GB RAM, except the 13” one! Which is bullshit.


I still have to reload apps enough to be annoying with 2GB. I mean it’s much better but the 6S+ still needs more.

I didn’t know the 7+ had 3GB. That almost but not quite makes me interested. Maybe if it had a headphone jack I would think about it.


Lol, no worries.

Back in 2010 when the iPad 1 came out, I just felt it would be big. Just felt it. Wanted to buy Apple stock. Then I went online, to forums like this and Slashdot.

“Worst product ever.”
“Garbage bullsh!t crap for losers”
“sucks for sheeple, this will bankrupt them”.
“don’t buy the stock, you missed the boat, its too late”.

Turned off, I still bought $2K or so in Apple Stock. Couple years later it had a bad week or two after another announcement, and again the forums were gloating in happiness at the misfortune of Apple. Sold it for around $3,500.

Still a nice gain but jeez, what could have been. (I also continue to own though indirectly through ETFs so I still benefit from APPL).

On a positive note, at least all my Apple product ever owned has been free from that one investment. Thanks Apple.


I read somewhere the 3GB in the 7 Plus may be needed for the dual cameras. Maybe each sensor captures an image and more memory was needed to process the two images into one? Pure speculation.


Got my phone and decided I better get a case so ordered one to pick up at the closest Apple Store (Alderwood, WA). At 7p there was still a dozen people in line outside, and a store packed with people. I am not sure I have ever not seen that store packed though. Staff seemed a bit frazzled, but still got me my order and out of there within 5 minutes.


Got my 2 x 256gb iphone 7 pluses last night. Verizon preorder at about 12:10am pst on launch day. I was switching from at&t so I couldn’t go through the apple store.

I did mine over the air icloud restore as usual but decided to backup and restore through itunes for the wife. Wow going through itunes is SOOO much faster.

This is my first plus size phone and while I’m ok with the size the weight caught me off guard. Combined with a 1.1 ounce amazon basics case this thing feels pretty heavy even though I know the actual phone is a bit lighter than the 6s plus.

This is going to take some getting use to.


I like the plus a lot but I definitely would not want a phone larger than this one.


Decided since I am going to case it i didn’t wait for my October jet back. Posting from new 7+ regular black, cased. No ragrets!
The iStock website rocks!


Not having had the opportunity to see jet black in person, I have to wonder why people still choose this colour even though you know it’s going to scratch. I think it will bother me to no end.


Listening to the newest ATP (Accident Tech Podcast - an Apple centric podcast by 3 designers/programmers), Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper) loves the jet black. He said it feels less slippery than the other colors which makes it worth it alone. He said the scratches are minor so far and you have to look for them, but figures after a year of use it will probably look similar to the old iPods with the chrome backing that scratched like hell. They were speculating that it might even give it some character, like old iPhones and iPods have, but wasn’t sure yet. He tends to be incredibly critical so I am curious to hear his reaction over time, but so far he loves the jet black.


A few corrections:

None of the ATP podcasters are designers. All three of them are programmers, although John is also well known for his writing. Marco also likes to review headphones and light bulbs.

Also, Marco created Instapaper, and not Instagram. He was also Tumblr’s first employee before that.


Ha, thanks. I was thinking Instapaper and typed Instagram.


I hated the scratch on my iPod nano chrome back, thanks for bringing this up. Looks like jet black is definitely not for me!


They were speculating that maybe it would look something like this over time, which is kind of cool.


AirPods are finally available to order, arriving 12/21. I ordered a pair.


I envy you. Let us know how it turned out. I am truly interested in one pair but the recent dive of my currency against the greenback made this unattainable.


Shipping estimates already out to 4 weeks (mine still indicated arrival next week when I made my order a few hours ago).