Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


I had some credit and needed new exercise headphones, so I ended up with the Powerbeats 3, which also have Apple’s W1 chipset. I’m actually really impressed with them. More balanced sound than other Beats stuff I’ve listened to (you can only overemphasize bass so much with earbuds ;), fantastic battery life, really comfortable.

And unlike the AirPods, they don’t look like you have some kind of freaky vestigial bones coming out of your ears. (Sorry, WhollyS. :)


Yeah the Powerbeats3 are surprisingly decent. Not as unbalanced and the W1 appears to do useful things. The really great part for me is that they actually fit in my ears unlike regular Apple buds.


I received my AirPods (ordered back in Dec) last week and absolutely love them. They stay in my ears way better than the wired ear buds ever did (because there are no wires tugging on them), and audio quality is pretty decent. Since the charging case is compact and pairing is so quick, I find myself using them all the time. This feels like a classic Apple product, something Steve Jobs would have designed.

I also picked up the PowerBeats 3 ($150 on Amazon right now for the black ones), to compare the two and return the one I didn’t like. The thing is, the PB3’s are great, too! They sound slightly better than the AirPods and I prefer the inline controls rather than talking to Siri. Definitely preferable for the gym, where talking to Siri is kinda awkward. (but I will say, the mics on the AirPods are excellent… you can practically whisper your commands… easily the best Siri experience I’ve had). The other solution is to use an Apple Watch for the controls.

Maybe I’ll keep both.


I love my AirPods too, and now I’m similarly curious about the BeatsX. The AirPods stay in my ears just fine, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to wear them skiing last week, for example. Of course I’ve already got a perfectly respectable pair of workout Bluetooth headphones with the JBL Xtremes, but always tempted by new fancy stuff.


I really like the PowerBeats 3. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now. The ability to swap pairing between devices so easily is awesome.

I’m not a fan of regular earbuds that require shoving into your ear channel to stay in place (vs. the clips on the PowerBeats 3), and I’m sorry, but I think AirPods look ridiculous. :) Like you’re going for some kind of tribal look by shoving bones in your ears… :-)


I didn’t get many stares at the gym wearing AirPods but I did feel a bit self-conscious since nobody else had them. But hey, eventually AirPods will become ubiquitous and then we’ll all look cool, right? Kinda like wearing parachute pants in the 80’s.


I think they do look a little silly, but does anyone really care what anyone else’s headphones look like? The only people I can see caring are the people who just absolutely hate Apple and must tell anyone who will listen what a horrible company they are anyone who buys their products are sheep.

Still, only in white, Apple? I would prefer some color choices.


I got the earliest preorder in for my AirPods, so I’m a bit of an outlier. I’ve had them since December, and they’ve still got 4–6 week shipping estimates. I only found out someone else I knew had a pair for the first time last week, and only saw the first other pair out in public this weekend.

But yeah, I assume they’ll be big once they’re easier to get.


If you lose them somewhere in your house, is there any way to find them, similar to “find my iphone”? I fear putting them downs somewhere and not finding them because they are so small.


Not yet, they have a feature like this coming, but it’s limited since the AirPods have no location or networking capabilities beyond Bluetooth.

That said, they’re not hard to keep track of.


Sadly (for me), that makes me 10x more likely to purchase a pair. I lose stuff, I know this…as does my wife. A terrible question to ask is “have you seen my apple pencil around?” I know my wife’s is floating around our house…somewhere.


They don’t really need to though. They just need to play a loud sound over Bluetooth.


Sure, the ability to play a loud sound to find them is nice (assuming that works if they’re in the case too), but compared to the functionality people might expect from Apple’s “Find My Phone” app, this is limited. It’s also not going to be much of a help in the event of a dead battery. It could show you the last known location, but not at a granular enough level to actually help if they’re just lost in your house somewhere.

As for “will you lose them in the first place?” I guess I should clarify by saying I never misplace my keys or wallet either, but there are people that do, so I understand the appeal of these features (I also don’t have kids, which I know disrupt even the most careful of routines).


If that’s your worry, put one of those tiles on the box.


That’s assuming you always have the box. Maybe you need to put a Tile on each ear stick.


@DennyA would love this.


So I finally got talked into moving from Android to Iphone. I’m getting a 7 plus (in Red!!!) tmrw. What sort of advice does anyone who’s made the move have? Or just any general iphone apps/needs/quirks from those who know the system?


You’ll have this left brain / right brain thing going on. It’s actually pretty frustrating, though it passes. You probably want Google Photos and Chrome right away. I’m interested in hearing of any other quirks you experience.


WWDC is next week. You might want to hold off until it’s over (just in case there’s a new model)


The rumors have all been pretty clear; expect a 7s/7s+ that’s basically the 7-series but slightly faster at the usual pricepoints and a completely new 8 with no bezels and the home button/fingerprint reader under the screen at a much higher price. Probably starting at $899. Hopefully for 128GB, if they price a 32GB phone at $900 even applephiles might choke a bit.