Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


Samsung S8* will have five cameras, be water-tight a mile below the surface of Venus, come with a free copy of The Witcher 3 including all DLC, and no ports at all-- inductive charging only. Also its SoC will have 14 cores, 6 of which designated low-power. They’re calling it Exynos Cold-Fusion.

*: May explode.


iPhone 6s had 90% faster graphics performance than the iPhone 6. iPhone 7 has 50% faster than A9.

How did we end up with this graph?

Oh right, lies and statistics ;)


With them including two specific low-power cores in the CPU, I’m surprised the 7 Plus will only have an hour better battery life than my 6 Plus.


How so?


Wireless Air Pods - cool. I bet I lose one of them by the end of the first week. :(


Must suck for Apple that it’s impossible with their supply chain to keep anything secret anymore. I think the only thing in the entire conference I hadn’t seen reported before the show was the Nike version of the watch.


It was such a boring presentation that I can’t imagine that had any impact.

New apple watch that didn’t address its achilles heels, battery life and cost. New iPhone with no positive changes of note, just removing the headphone jack that everybody relies on.

Only item of any interest at all was Mario on iOS, and they said "iOS first"… so it will be coming to android also.

I can’t recall a worse Apple presentation.


I think it was Marco Arment who speculated that they leaked the headphone jack removal on purpose. Get all the outrage out of the way so by the time they are released most people have accepted it.

It really was, but as a watch user, I was impressed with the new one. Also thought the 7+ camera was really impressive if it works as advertised. I am more excited about the OS upgrades.


Umm, speak for yourself. I couldn’t care less. If this forces a quicker change to better a standard, I am all for it.


The new apple watch ticks most of the exercise boxes with GPS, elevation, and water-resistance. But the price is still way too high and the battery life way too low. The fitbit is a far better exercise band.

LeeAbe: Do you use lightning or wireless headphones today? If not, you rely on the headphone jack. If you embrace change that’s cool, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a change.


The G5 has a secondary wide angle lens that I believe has the same features as the 7+.


As a daily user since a release, battery is a complete non-issue on the watch. Lasts 2 days, easy unless I did a lot of exercise.


What is the better standard that a quicker change is being forced to?


I don’t understand. Couldn’t you always use a Bluetooth set of headphones/earbuds to do this already? How is the removal of a jack a benefit?


Your experience does not align with, well, everybody else’s. In fact, the first apple watch is only specced for 18 hours.


Yep, but as they said, it frees up room to add other stuff and removes a place where water could get in.


Tons of android phones are fully waterproof and have headphone jacks. It does free up space though, that is legitimate.


I’m at 79% on my Watch. In the 1.5 years I’ve had it, I think I’ve run it into the ground once.


Sure. Cause you charge it every night.


But the fact is that the low rated battery life means that some of the features of other wrist devices, like the sleep tracking in the Pebble and in exercise bands, haven’t come to the Apple Watch because it’s not rated to be able to handle those.