Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


Exactly. Audio has to be converted to analog at some point and unlike video, there’s pretty much no benefit to kicking that process further down the chain. There’s a clear business benefit if you’ve created the proprietary standard and are the sole source of a new required component, but that’s not actually good for users. That’s an additional expense and inconvenience for the user who is seeing nothing in return.


Someone is going to come out with an adapter that’s a pass through. They are leaving money on the table if they don’t (even if it’s not Apple).


Interestingly, AAPL is up slightly on a flat day. When the presentation ended it shot up (relatively). So while every Apple Reddit and forum on the internet is full of angry people, investors liked what they saw.


as someone who says he is out of the android+apple arms race every year and then goes to buy the biggest version of the latest model(s), i say it this year with conviction: i’m out.


Was there any ipad/ipad pro news?


No. March seems to be the time for the iPads again.


We don’t believe you :). You know you want to see the latest features for yourself.


I’d bet money the next iPad has no headphone jack. And it wouldn’t surprise me the new MacBooks likely being announced next month omit it as well. The only reason they might keep it on the MacBooks is it doesn’t make a lot of sense to introduce a Lightning jack on the MacBook only for headphones. (But not everything Apple does makes sense.)

If removing the jack actually led to some kind of innovation, that would be something else. But in this case it doesn’t. Leaving the jack in the design does nothing to facilitate the ability to use Lightning headphones or improved wireless. It just saves a very small amount of space.

The only way to see the move to force either Lightning or wireless headphones as anything but a ploy for Apple to be able to sell a chip to go into every set of headphones requires you turn up the Apple Reality Distortion Field to full power.

Also, if Apple was really interested in moving the industry forward, it would have been with a solution that didn’t involve a proprietary Apple connector/chip that competitors could also utilize.


If the port supports that. It may be modal – you may not be able to do audio if the pins are being used for charging.


The Lightning to USB adapter lets you do audio (at least audio in) and charge the device.


I resent LeeAbe’s suggestion that we must be Android users if we’re complaining about the removal of the jack, because as an Android user I can’t legitimately say what a deal-breaker that would have been for me! But seriously, if Apple want to run this particular experiment I’m going to be fascinated to see what happens. For me, Bluetooth is unusable for a) watching TV shows / movies and b) playing games because of the sound delay, no matter how minor. It’s fine for listening to music on a sound bar in the background, or if you’re working out in the gym, but if you want to listen to the detail in the music then it’s a poor substitute. I can hear the difference with mp3 never mind FLAC. It also puts a greater drain on the battery, and having to plug in an annoying adaptor that will certainly get knocked / bent eventually when I pull my phone out of my pocket would annoy the hell out of me.

Of course, if it leads to great innovation in the Bluetooth space so that actually improves sound quality and minimizes lag, then I’d be happy to get rid of the tangle of wires that are my headphones, but I won’t hold my breath. Still, thanks new Apple users for testing this out!


I did not mean offense, that comment was not directed at you or most of the people here. Apple forums tend to get a large amount of people who hate Apple and everything they do durning Apple events. At least one poster here made it clear they fell into that category.

I do find it amusing the amount of people who would already never buy an Apple product that seem to watch these events though. I never watch Samsung events and couldn’t care less what Samsung is doing. Although I do read about Android events since the two copy each a lot and I want to know what Android is up to.


Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t offended. I should have added a smiley after that statement, thinking an exclamation mark would do the trick.

As a former iPhone user I do still keep an eye on developments, I think anyone who uses smartphones would really, plus a new 125+ post thread tends to draw attention. ;) And you’re right, I’m curious to know what Samsung is going to copy next. As long as they copy the dual camera and leave in the headphone jack, I’ll be happy. I don’t need my phone to be that thin.


That’s an interesting question, because I see it in exactly the opposite way: given the other factors that already interfere with the sound quality, I want to optimize anything I can to keep it as high as possible. I use an RCA connector from the dash to my FIOO device in the car.

And no offense at all, its just a different perspective.


I am really disappointed that Apple didn’t make a “non more black” joke with the two iPhones black.


Well, they are a corporation that is supposed to be turning a profit and answering to shareholders. They move a huge sector of the industry when they make decisions like these. While their courage comment was pathetic, I’m confident their risk assessment teams are aware they could lose a significant share of iPhone users with the decision. They’re lucky enough to have the cash that allows them to take more risk, but so you really think they would have made this decision if they didn’t have some tech roadmap or financial projection that pointed to it eventually paying off? It’s a big risk to take to gamble like that with a flagship product…


Do we have a topic for easing the transition from the iPhone to Android? The removal of the 3.5mm jack means I have to switch.

I don’t like bluetooth headphones. I have several pairs of very nice earbuds, and I’m not giving them up for something with lower fidelity that has to be charged. I’m not interested in carrying an adapter, either.

Also, one of my colleagues has a beautiful new Samsung that has me staring longingly at its bezel-free front. As soon as they start shipping the new version with non-exploding batteries, I think I want one.

Man… so much money invested in iTunes music, though. That’s gonna sting.


Not sure if its still a thing, but just make sure you unregister iMessage since that was causing a problem for switchers a year or two ago. Your phone carrier can transfer contacts etc I believe, and iTunes music does not have DRM so you can use it outside of iTunes.


You can get iTunes match and download it all DRM-free.


Thanks for this! Good to know!