Apple Event 9/9/15 - iPhone 6s, Maxi iPad, Apple Watch update

Awesome. The first web content I’ve ever seen that requires
Microsoft Edge on Windows is… Apple’s livestream event!

It works on Edge? Previously there was no option to watch Apple events on windows at all.

Cool, it does work!

Yay new watchfaces. Pebble user no impressed.

How did naming a feature “complications” ever get past marketing?

Yep, tried to watch it in Chrome (I’d heard they were making this stream available for Windows) and it said it required Edge on Windows. :)

All of these amazing native Apple Watch apps just reinforce to me that notifications and schedule checks are the reasons for smartwatches and that outside of exercise/health stuff, you’re better off pulling out your phone to interact with an app.

Well, it is an improvement.

Yes, smartwatches are all about notifications, health, and exercise. They already measure pulse rate, and there are methods to check blood sugar as well, which could be transformative for diabetics.

“Why does he keep mispronouncing my name? It’s Herm-eez.”

Where is the usual Qt3 snark brigade? I was shocked there wasn’t already a topic here.

iPad next. Surprise, thought they’d hold that till the end.

Says they’re going for the Enterprise market. Thought that was already covered?

The only way I’m interested in the iPad Pro is if it weighs half what my Surface Pro 3 does. Really prefer reading magazines and comics on my Surface Pro 3 with its bigger screen than my iPad Air.


What does it say that nobody’s interested in Apple’s biggest yearly announcement event?

I’m interested. Though Apple started off with Watch stuff, which was all pretty boring. iPad Pro is interesting, but I’m not fully onboard with slate computing yet…

— Alan

edit: okay so iPad Pro is 1.57 pounds.

Apple just invented the Surface Pro!

I was marginally interested in the iPad Pro as a reading platform. But it’s only 0.2 lbs lighter than my Surface Pro 3. Too small a difference to justify adding the Pro to my arsenal.

They aren’t really selling it as a reading platform though…

— Alan

I’d like to congratulate the Microsoft Surface Pro team for defining the next generation of iPads.

Apple just invented the pencil!

— Alan

Surface Pro is a real computer in a weird form factor with a mediocre keyboard and trackpad. The iPad pro is a giant tablet. They’re entirely different things.

uhh having Microsoft there is pretty surreal.

— Alan

Yeah, tablets with magnetically attaching keyboard covers and styluses that aren’t called styluses. Entirely different things.

They are different, of course. You can run real Photoshop, full-on Office, Windows games on the Surface, the iPad Pro is limited to tablet apps. But fundamentally they’ve now copied the hardware configuration and the biggest difference is the OS approach – simple but limited vs. full-powered but more complex.

No it’s not. They’re selling it as a power platform. Office apps, adobe, games… it’s not just a big tablet. They’re aiming straight at the Surface market.

— Alan