Apple Event 9/9/15 - iPhone 6s, Maxi iPad, Apple Watch update

Office for iOS is an amazing product and whoever made it should be in charge of all of Microsoft, full stop.

But MS being on stage like just another 3rd party vendor with Apple is kind of weird. But Apple is also getting away from its own competing software as well, you know. They let Apeture die on the vine, and it seems like their starting to put Pages and Numbers out to pasture. And for good reason - they make more money on a subscription to Office than they do giving away Numbers for free, and they can’t really compete with the quality of dedicated 3rd party pro apps.

I would have made this thread! But Apple is pretty boring nowadays. I think their declining stock price will push them next year to make some changes. OTOH, i do have a pen and use the iPad as a tablet writer. While the Surface is technically better at writing the iPad has the ultralight iOS which is more enjoyable to use day to day.

No Force Touch for iPad Pro. How many dozens of tech site articles about that were now a waste of time to write and read?

I’m interested (and too busy watching to snark) but as impressed as I may be, I’m getting ready to be put off by the prices.

What, the pencil is an add-on? :/ I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. They also didn’t say where to stick it when you’re not using it (cue snarky retorts).

Well, those prices are good news for the Surface. Close enough that it’s going to boil down to whether you want simpler tablet apps or a full-fledged computer equivalent.

[Imagine .mp3 of Steve Jobs spinning in his grave linked here.]

Are there people looking to buy a “tablet” who are weighing iPad vs. Surface, though? I’d think those would be separate groups of people.

Disregard all that. IOS will never replace a real desktop OS. Microsoft tried the same thing.

It’s a giant tablet.

Denny: Force touch rumors were for iphone 6s/6s+, not iPad.

So, won’t be using the Harmony remote the new Apple TV.

Apple has now also invented Kinect voice control for TV shows.

I use ATV a lot now and this is the upgrade I’ve been wanting for years. Good stuff. I guess it would be too much to hope for 4k, though, right?

Apple just invented the TV game console. (#again #pippin)

And now they’ve invented the Wii!

This “online shopping” thing Apple just invented might just catch on.

To quote twitter:

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Can’t believe there aren’t more people participating in the DennyA Sour Grapes thread.

I’m too busy hitting refresh on the store page.

Good god, the photos are moving and talking.

Zero surprises so far, really.

“Starting at just $32 a month” sounds so much better than “Starting at just $768,” I guess.

Nice tweaks on the phones, but nothing to make me upgrade from my 6 Plus. I don’t need to finger-right-click that badly.

I’d like the doubled RAM very much, actually. But not for $768, yeah.

Yeah that upgrade plan sounds terrible.


Hey, our family has three iPhones and an iPad Air… I like Apple’s stuff. Was just hoping to see something more than what was already leaked to the press. Or a Surface Pro keyboard clone. Or a Fire TV with a WiiMote. :)