Apple Event WWDC 2019

Starting this in advance of Monday’s keynote.

The biggest one for me is going to be macOS 10.15 will no longer run 32 bit apps. For me this impacts two apps: Steam, which still shows as having 32 bit components. And Amplitube, who also has parallel apps related to the store that are 32 bit.

iOS 13 looks like a big iPad release.

I think we’ll hear more about running iOS apps on MacOS and potentially more about a rumored shift from Intel to ARM chips in MacOS as well. But that may be too far down the line to talk about.

FYI, I was having issues with Steam on Mojave and ended up nuking it and all of its support files. When I reinstalled, I no longer received the 32-bit warnings.

Jason Snell had a good article on WWDC. In it he theorized that both the Marzipan and ARM transition may be a bit much at once. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they at least dropped a strong hint about ARM.

I’m guessing that Marzipan will be big since Apple have had a year to work on it now. The current apps that use the private version suck (News, Home, etc), but hopefully the public API will be much better!

I’m hoping for more iPad Pro extensions in iOS 13. It’s a much more useful device than iPads used to be, but it could always have a better OS to match the great hardware.

It’d be nice if the Mac Pro was released or at least teased with more info ahead of a fall release. There are developers who want more hardware than the iMac Pro provides.


Is this when the iPad finally has multiple user profiles with passwords saved and bookmarks, smarthome, apps etc tailored?

I doubt the iPad will ever get multiple user profiles, even though I’d love it. I think Apple would just prefer you buy everyone in your home their own iPad.

Until Apple gets some real competition in tablets I wouldn’t expect a ton of innovation.

I just want them to add a goddamn split keyboard to the pro 11. I don’t understand why they removed it from that model.

I’d like to see mouse support on iPad, and a real file system. I honestly don’t know what they could add to iPhone features - they’ve gotten so good that I feel like they’ve got everything I care about already.

I installed VS 2019 for Mac last week and chuckled at the 32-bit warning when starting a project. C’mon! But that shows that it’s not easy for developers to convert everything in time.

Yeah, that makes sense but in my case I struggle to justify buying the pro on my own, I could sort of see it if it would be well used and shared among the family. But I don’t want my drawings / photo editing / bookmarks and apps mixed with theirs.

I also second the request for proper file access.

I hear that slow profile switching is a big problem for education iPads, so I think a software limitation is why we don’t have multiple profiles for our retail devices. I bet we will see this change on the iPad when Face ID becomes good enough to identify multiple people on one device (and they fix the slow switching thing.)

Why didn’t you guys say there was a new iPod Touch?!

That said, I’ve pretty much weaned myself off iOS games other than board game adaptations and the odd turn based tactics game, so I’m not sure I really want to replace my ancient device any more. Maybe if the Arcade service ends up being good against all likelihood.

People keep touting that the latest Apple chips are faster than i5s, and yet there’s slow user switching???

Because it’s more or less swapping all the user’s apps and data back down from the network/cloud every time, if I understand correctly. It’s not keeping much on the device from one user to another.

Given the fact that Marzipan is easier if both platforms are on Arm, I’m not sure I agree with Jason’s assessment about relative timing.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the keynote!

Nah, xcode just compiles to x86. They ported the libraries already.

Apple fabs its SoC in Taiwan which is not impacted by US tariffs, but Intel isn’t hit hard by tariffs either so it isn’t an incentive to switch either way.

Nothing to do with Apple, but Qualcomm SoCs are fabricated in Korea and the USA, so they aren’t directly impacted either.

Of course everybody will be indirectly hit by China’s response to US tariffs, as China is a huge market.

So the word is that Apple is going to kill off iTunes, or at least announce its replacements.

I can’t believe the iPod outlasted iTunes.

About time. iTunes has been a bloated mess for far too long. But I do wonder how syncing with iOS devices will work with multiple different apps.